Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Dos and Don'ts of Selfies

Hey there, Barbizon of Akron! Do you know what we love? Seeing all of your beautiful and handsome faces! That's why we love selfies! You know what we don't like seeing? You guys hating on yourselves! Please understand just how amazing you are and appreciate how great you look! While you're at it, check out this list of the dos and don'ts of selfies as compiled by 14 year-old teen blogger, Jules Spector!

The Don'ts

  1. DON'T take a selfie while driving. Your selfie can wait! No one wants you to crash your car just so you could have a picture of yourself. And don't encourage this trend by making someone pose for a selfie while they're driving. Not safe! 
  2. DON'T forget to do a background check. There might be someone behind you who doesn't want to be in your picture that's most likely going on the internet. Make sure to find a space where you won't be surrounded by strangers who don't want to be photographed. Or just ask them nicely. Also, you may want to clean up your space so there isn't a dirty diaper or laundry behind you. 
  3. DON'T do the duck face. Enough said.

The Dos

  1. DO smile! We want to see those pearly whites! Be happy about your selfies! Everyone loves to see you happy, because it makes them happy too. 
  2. DO take selfies with friends! If you're doing something fun with your friends, feel free to snap a picture of you guys, so you remember the moment. Everything's more fun with friends!
  3. DO add an animal! To make your selfie super cute, add an adorable puppy or a kitten. Everyone loves that, and it can make your selfie that much better! 
  4. DO take pride in yourself! Be proud of your selfies! You're all beautiful, smart, and innovative, and I'm 100% sure that your selfies are amazing. Don't caption your selfie with something self-deprecating. (I'm guilty of this, so listen to me: if you feel pretty, take that selfie and caption it with something happy!)
  5. DO be yourself! We want to see YOU in your selfie! Don't change yourself so others will like you, just like you shouldn't in real life. Show off your beautiful self, and be proud of who you are!