Friday, June 27, 2014

Ditch the Negativity!

Hey, Barbizon of Akron! Now that the sunny summer weather has made its entrance, it seems that everyone's moods have been boosted! Are you still feeling 'down in the dumps' in spite of the weather change? Maybe it's time to evaluate your circle of friends! Negativity is toxic and can bring anyone down. If you have any of these five people in your life, you may want to consider cutting them out, or at least cut down on the frequency in which you're seeing them. Thanks to for compiling this list!

1. The Naysayer

"Yeah, I just don't think that's ever going to work out for you."

You never feel better after talking with this person, even when you call to share exciting news. Naysayers are downers who will bring your good day to a screeching halt. They see the glass as half empty and cracked. When things are good, they complain; when things are bad, you want to wear your earplugs because they bark even more. Naysayers may think they're just telling it like it is and keeping it real, but in reality, they're just spreading gloom and negativity.

Why you should dump the naysayer: It's important to have people in your corner who support and encourage you. It's not about surrounding yourself with people who always tell you "yes," but rather being wary of the ones who are constantly negative and can never be happy for you.

2. The Enabler

"You know I never mind helping you out."

This is your go-to person who will bail you out of a jam every single time. You never have to stress out when you're in trouble because you know that they'll be there, no matter what the scenario is. Though
you may chalk it up to her being a good friend, they could actually be an enabler.

Why you should dump the enabler: If you find yourself around an enabler, are they helping you grow as a person? Or are they hindering your potential? Sometimes there's a fine line between being a supportive friend and being an enabler. Enabling can be draining and put a strain on a relationship. While you don't need naysayers constantly telling you "no," you also don't want to be around "yes" people who won't be honest about your negative behavior and tell you the truth when you really need to hear it.

3. The Moocher

"Can you pick up the check again? My wallet is M.I.A."

This friend seems to have a sudden case of amnesia whenever money or responsibility is involved.
Maybe you find yourself paying for everything because your friend seems to conveniently forget their wallet at home whenever you go out, or they are nowhere to be found when it's time to repay you.

Why you should dump the moocher: Going out with freeloaders can take the fun out of friendships. Though it feels good to treat your friends to dinner or help them out, it shouldn't be one-sided. If you find yourself always picking up the tab, loaning out money (that's never repaid) or constantly doing favors, you may be a victim of a mooching friend who is taking advantage of your kindness. Don't let moochers drain your wallet and your energy.

4. The Flaker

"I know I told you I’d be there, but something else came up. Sorry."

Reliability is not a flaker's strong suit. You never know if they’ll commit to the plans you make, as they usually bail or go M.I.A at the last second. You find it hard to take their word for things, and they are
the last person you’d expect to come through in a crunch. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to return your call, or even your text, because you may be waiting for weeks.

Why you should dump the flaker: Life happens, and unexpected things come up that may require a change of plans, but it can be frustrating to have friends who always cancel or renege on their promises or commitments. Canceling occasionally is understandable, but blowing someone off repeatedly is not. Friendships take effort from both sides, so if you find yourself always making the plans just to get stood up, you may want to rethink your relationship with your flakey friend.

5. The Competitor

"Let’s see who can turn more heads tonight."

Whenever you go out looking for a good time, you feel like you signed up for a competition instead. From clothes to achievements and careers, the competitor gets a thrill out of making everything a contest. Got a raise? Then she is working on a promotion. Got a new man? Then she is working on getting hitched first. The competitor is constantly finding ways to one-up you and usually doesn't like to share the spotlight.

Why you should dump the competitor:
Though it’s always great to have friends who challenge and motivate you to do better, it can become tiresome dealing with a competitor who treats your friendship like a rivalry and compares her life to yours. It’s always better to encourage and do things big together without having to wonder if your friend is constantly trying to find ways to outdo you.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Cure for Bacne!

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer! You know what that means! Swimsuits and other backless attire for the ladies. And for the gents, well, not many wear swim-shirts these days... Any who, while we're all worried about our lack of tans (thanks, Ohio winter!) many of us are also worried about the dreaded bacne! But, with some help from our friends at, we were able to find this great regimen that will help reduce bacne, if not completely eradicate it!

A Shower Regimen
Your bathroom is a 24/7 germ party. Change your loofah, shower sponge or face cloths often — these are their favorite places to party. Shower in warm water, not third-degree burn water. Use a body wash that specifically combats breakouts and thoroughly wash hard-to-reach places with a handled loofah or brush.

It's also important that you wash your back last, especially if your hair products are to blame. After washing your hair, pull your hair over your shoulder and go to town — this will ensure there's no leftover shampoo or conditioner clogging your pores. After you're out of the shower, pin your wet hair up with a clip (otherwise, you've essentially washed your back for nothing). Another uber-easy tip: Use one towel for your hair, and a separate one for your body.

A Clothing Regimen
Wear breathable, light fabrics like cotton and linen. I also recommend using a facial sunscreen on your body instead of your regular sunscreen, since they tend not to have the same level of breakout protection (if any at all). After spending a ton of time in the sun or working out, shower immediately and change — walking around in your sweat for any longer than you have to will lead to (surprise!) more back acne.

A Bedtime Regimen
Wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly, and try switching to a laundry detergent that's all-natural and fragrance-free. Wear comfy pajamas that don't irritate your skin or cause you to sweat (burning up in bed is the worst, and trust me, your back agrees). Before putting on your PJs, treat your problem areas with an acne formula that contains benzoyl peroxide. It will help heal your current breakouts while preventing future ones.

The key is consistency: You won't see results overnight, but once you stick to it (you know, for longer than a day), you'll find yourself backsercising your tuckus off to get ready for backless everything this summer.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Do you Know your Serving Sizes?

Hey, Barbizon of Akron! You may think that you know what a serving size looks like, but it can be easy to eat more than you should because restaurants are in the habit of serving "super-sized" meals. The best way to be sure you're eating the right amount of calories -- and to be confident you're getting the nutrition you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle -- is to learn about the recommended serving sizes.

Definition: Developed by the United States Department of Agriculture, the serving size defines a specific amount of a particular food that represents the recommended portion for one sitting.

Importance: The standardized serving size is one tool you can use to be sure you're following a healthy, balanced diet. The United States Department of Agriculture determined that nutritional values be contained in the defined serving size. This information must be placed on food packages in the form of a Nutrition Facts label for easy access to information about the calories, fats, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in one serving. Getting into the habit of reading the label helps you adjust your daily intake to meet your needs.

With all of that being said, be sure to check out this short video that showcases how much we typically eat as compared to what the suggested serving size is. Many of us eat with our eyes, and this is certainly an eye opener! Keep this in mind to help make healthy choices while eating. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

20 Incredible Uses for Vaseline!

Hey, Barbizon of Akron! If there is one thing that we love, it's lifehacks for beauty and health! Check out these great uses for Vaseline and be amazed by how much easier life gets when primping yourself! From growing longer lashes to removing makeup on your clothes, from creating an exfoliating body wash to hiding split ends, Vaseline does it all! Keep reading to learn some awesome tips and tricks!

  1. It makes your eyelashes grow: Lather Vaseline all over your eyelashes overnight and watch them thicken, even without a prescription!
  2. Soften dry and cracked elbows. Just lather on the areas that need your TLC.
  3. Dry cuticles: Store a mini-Vaseline container in your purse and use for emergency dry cuticle moments.
  4. For luscious lips: Fall is a beast for drying out summery, dewy lips. Vaseline is there for you and your irresistible pout. You can also mix Vaseline with Kool-Aid powder and make a colored (and flavored) lip gloss.
  5. Help your scent stick around: Softly rub Vaseline all over your perfume points (i.e. behind the ear, neck, and wrist) and your scent will last longer!
  6. It is a misconception that Vaseline clogs pores, so smear it all over your face, neck and arms for softer skin.
  7. Lipstick smudges: Spread a little Vaseline over your teeth and lipstick smudges be gone! This is a famous tip used at beauty pageants. 
  8. To remove last night’s makeup: Apply some to a Q-tip and have a pretty day.
  9. Perfect for an eye-shadow/blush boost: Apply some under your eye shadow for a glossy effect. Apply on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy glow. Mix with lipstick for a cream
  10. It eases eyebrow plucking: Tame your eyebrows and lube up the under-skin so you can pluck with ease.
  11. Prevent hair dye from seeping onto your forehead: Softly dab all over your hairline and keep that box hair dye from dying your forehead the color of your new hairdo.
  12. To make your accessories look brand spankin’ new: New job interview or a hot date? Put a small dab on your shoes and shine away!
  13. Hide Split Ends: Haven’t had a haircut since your budget only allows you go to Great Clips for a quickie? Hide damaged ends with a small amount on your ends.
  14. Remove makeup stains for your clothes: Dab a little with a damp cloth.
  15. To Prevent spray-tan streaks: Rub all over the backs of your knees, ankles and hands to prevent seriously frightening spray tan lines.
  16. To get those nail polish bottles open: Make it easier next time and rub Vaseline under the cap. Easy to open the next time you decide to do an at-home pedi.
  17. It’s your new exfoliating body wash: Mix with sea salt and come out of the shower feeling soft, and luxurious.
  18. Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line.
  19. Can be used to smooth and soothe skin after shaving.
  20. Lubricates ear lobes and helps make earring insertion easy and painless.