Friday, April 4, 2014

5 Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

Hey, Barbizon of Akron! Looking to grow your hair out in time for summer? We love long, wavy beach hair too! That's why we looked up some great ways to help stimulate hair growth.

Peppermint Oil- With a fresh aroma, this strongly concentrated oil must be diluted before applying to the scalp. It penetrates the scalp and stimulates the hair follicle, allowing for more oxygen production that gives your curls the green light to grow. Apply it directly to the scalp with a gentle massage and cover for 20 to 30 minutes.

Lavender Oil- This sweet smelling product has antibacterial properties that keep the scalp clean and the pores open. It helps to reduce issues that can prevent hair from growing like excessive dandruff. Use this fragrant herb as a rinse by boiling it in water and allowing it to cool. You can also use it as a deep conditioning treatment by infusing it with oil for three or four weeks before using.

Rosemary Oil- Hailed as one of the most effective oils in hair growth, rosemary oil is known for its scalp stimulating properties. It gets the blood circulating in your scalp, which also assists with thinning edges and balding spots. Try diluting this essential oil with jojoba oil and gently massaging it into your scalp.

Stinging Nettle- This herb does double duty. Allowing stinging nettle oil to sit in your hair overnight
can help combat hair loss and also give your curls a boost in the growth department. The nutrients help regenerate the hair and prevent the overproduction of DHT, a hormone that contributes to hair loss. You can purchase this herb in oil form and leave it on overnight or make a tea and use it as a rinse.

Onion Juice- The smell might be less than pleasant to some (or most) but this DIY treatment has been used for ages and for a good reason -- it works! Thanks to its high sulfur content, it is incredibly effective in stimulating and increasing your blood circulation. Blend or chop onions and then strain the juice. Apply to your hair for 15 min. and then wash thoroughly.