Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrity Trend: Create Eyes that Pop!

Hey, Babrizon of Akron! We ran across this great blog from that features a new great celebrity trend to try out... One color under eye makeup! Check it out and use the photos below for reference. Enjoy and have fun with this great look!

Experimenting with new makeup techniques might be the best part of being a girl. You can change your look almost instantly. The newest trend in eye makeup is one color under eye makeup. This trend is exciting because it can be worn at the office or any celebration, and it's super easy to conquer.

Allison Williams: To keep this look understated, keep the under eyeshadow only slightly thicker than your eyeliner would be. Select eyeshadow shades in pink or nude tones and add just a bit of glitter if you want to make it subtle, but still noticeable.

Jessica Biel: For women with brown or hazel eyes, applying blue under eye makeup will really make your eyes pop, like it did here for Jessica Biel.

Kylie Jenner: Change up the traditional smoky eye look by applying a deep red or plum color under your eye. It gives you a mysterious look.

Brittany Snow: Speaking of smoky eyes, you can blend the dark eyeshadows under your eye for a dramatic smoky eye. This works especially well for women with blue or light eyes.

Jade Thirlwall: Most importantly, have fun with the look! Jade Thirlwall really added some flirtation to her makeup by applying shimmering eyeshadow under her eye. We love it!