Friday, March 21, 2014

Eat Better, Sleep Better!

Hey, Barbizon of Akron! Sometimes sleep just doesn't come easy, no matter how exhausted your brain and body may feel. But, did you know that certain foods are conducive to sound slumber. Include more of these healthy foods in your diet for a good night's slumber.

Turkey: "Turkey is rich in the amino acid tryptophan which helps promote a restful, deep sleep. Tryptophan itself doesn't make you sleepy," says Horn. It helps the brain make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is necessary for sleep and relaxation, and melatonin, a neuro-hormone that has recently become popular as a supplemental sleep aid.

Mashed potatoes: Despite being maligned by the low-carb movement, potatoes rank low on the Glycemic Index, a ranking of carbohydrates and their effect on blood glucose levels. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are a root vegetables that won't spike your blood sugar too high and can even help eliminate acids that block tryptophan. Make mashed potatoes with low-fat milk or buttermilk for a healthy sleep-inducing meal.

Milk: Mothers have been giving kids warm milk before bed for years. "Warm milk is another rich source of tryptophan, which is soothing and will help your body relax," says Horn.

Bananas: Bananas are a natural sleeping aid in that they contain melatonin and tryptophan (which converts to serotonin) to help you fall asleep. "Melatonin is a hormone that signals the brain that it's time for the body to shut down for the night," explains Horn. Plus, these creamy-fleshed fruits also contain magnesium, which is a known muscle relaxer to help you ease away physical tension and stress.

Oatmeal not only warms your belly, it's full of fiber, which can make you feel satisfied before heading to bed. A steamy bowl of cooked oats is also a good source of melatonin. Drizzle your bowl of oatmeal with warm milk for an extra dose of sleep-inducing nutrition.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Celebrity Trend: Create Eyes that Pop!

Hey, Babrizon of Akron! We ran across this great blog from that features a new great celebrity trend to try out... One color under eye makeup! Check it out and use the photos below for reference. Enjoy and have fun with this great look!

Experimenting with new makeup techniques might be the best part of being a girl. You can change your look almost instantly. The newest trend in eye makeup is one color under eye makeup. This trend is exciting because it can be worn at the office or any celebration, and it's super easy to conquer.

Allison Williams: To keep this look understated, keep the under eyeshadow only slightly thicker than your eyeliner would be. Select eyeshadow shades in pink or nude tones and add just a bit of glitter if you want to make it subtle, but still noticeable.

Jessica Biel: For women with brown or hazel eyes, applying blue under eye makeup will really make your eyes pop, like it did here for Jessica Biel.

Kylie Jenner: Change up the traditional smoky eye look by applying a deep red or plum color under your eye. It gives you a mysterious look.

Brittany Snow: Speaking of smoky eyes, you can blend the dark eyeshadows under your eye for a dramatic smoky eye. This works especially well for women with blue or light eyes.

Jade Thirlwall: Most importantly, have fun with the look! Jade Thirlwall really added some flirtation to her makeup by applying shimmering eyeshadow under her eye. We love it!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Red Carpet Beauty Secrets

Hello once again, Barbizon of Akron! We were feeling so inspired by all of the beauty on the red carpet last weekend that we decided to do a little research into some of our favorite celebrities' beauty secrets! Check them out below and feel free to try these out and let us know your results on our Barbizon of Akron Facebook Page!

Ever notice how kids mixing Jell-O get red all over their hands – and the evidence lingers for days? With this concept in mind, makeup artist Joanna Schlip hit upon a genius way to make a red lip last all night. “Lick your lips and then smooth on Cherry Jell-O. Simply dip fingers into the powder packet and apply to moist lips for a long-lasting stain,” she explains. Layer a moisture-rich red lipstick or tinted lip gloss on top for a bold pout!

Want to know why celebrities never look cakey on the red carpet? Instead of piling on the concealer, they reduce acne inflammations at the source with nasal spray and Visine. Dr. Kathy Fields, dermatologist and one of the creators of Proactiv explains, “Visine and nasal sprays are vasoconstrictors, so they work like a topical steroid.” Vasoconstrictors also shrink blood vessels, so using products of this type not only helps with red pimples, but also for puffiness and under-eye circles.

It might sound counterintuitive, but celebrities swear by applying all of their makeup – then taking a 10-minute bubble bath. The steam from the hot water sets makeup, and the moisture will make skin look plump, fresh, and dewy. It takes away the powdery look of powders, giving skin a camera-ready glow.

Pepto-Bismol goes a long way to quell the queasiness of a big, anxiety-provoking event, but it actually can work double-duty for your skin. Just a little smoothed on as a mask has been shown to help tighten skin and shrink pores. The active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate, is an antibacterial with exfoliant properties very similar to salicylic acid, however, it may be very drying for mature skin, explains Dr. Zein Obagi, creator of ZO Skin Health. “Similar to using toothpaste as a drying agent, it may work occasionally to help dry up a blemish or tighten pores, but is not a substitute for a daily acne regimen that includes salicylic acid,” he adds.

No matter how many hot oil treatments or serums you try, the hair of mere mortals never quite looks as shiny as, say, Amy Adams'. One of Hollywood's top hair pros says the reason lies in one his most trusted red carpet beauty secrets: "I will take ultra-fine glitter powder and mix it with hair spray, then I'll use this mixture when styling." The lights and cameras pick up the sparkle so viewers at home are left with major hair envy.