Thursday, February 20, 2014

Runway Nail Designs

Hey, Barbizon of Akron. As you know, fashion week tends to be all about the clothes... But did you know that backstage, nails are all the rave? Below are some of our favorite and most easy to execute designs. Check them out and try them yourself!

Tweed Inspired Design: These tweed inspired nails are true abstract art! And the lines don't have to be perfect, so this is one of the easiest designs to execute. Try them in all different colors! These nails were done for the ICB x Prabal Gurung show.

Metallic Half-Moons: Tadashi Shoji was coming on strong with this bold and metallic look! This half-moon mani features metallic tips which really catch the eye. Use a neutral base to really make the half-moons and tips pop!

"Nude": BCBG knows that sometimes the way to make a statement is to keep it simple! Two coats of a soft neutral color is all it takes. And more good news? This look compliments every skin tone!

Grunge: Tess Giberson is one designer who has rocked the distressed/ grunge look well! These nails look edgy and are SUPER easy to do! Simply apply one coat of black nail polish (galaxy flakes optional) and then gently wipe off the polish using a makeup sponge. It will leave color around the cuticles and a few streaks down the nails.

Peek-a-Boo Color- We absolutely love these nails done for Honor in NYC. This ├╝ber-girly look has a cool, retro feel, and that pink polish is absolutely perfect! If you wait for the red base to dry, you'll only need one coat of the pink on top, which makes it easier to get a perfect oval. Not a girly girl? Try two tones of blue or any other color combination you like!