Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Makeup Essentials for your Makeup Bag

There is so much makeup out there, and for some of us, so much we wear day in and day out. So, how do you find out what pieces are essentially to take with you throughout the day? Have no fear, our list of essentials is here!

Tinted Sunscreen- Tinted sunscreen, or a BB cream, is a definite must have! It should be applied throughout the day to keep the UV rays at bay, even in the winter time. Because it's a moisturizer, it will also help to keep skin conditioned and provide a light foundation to keep skin looking fresh!

Tinted Lip Gloss- This should go without saying. Throughout the day, lip gloss needs applied over and over again as it wears off from eating, drinking, and sometimes just talking a lot. Get a nourishing lip gloss to keep lips healthy during the winter months as it will help you avoid chapping.

Concealer- Ever have a pimple pop up in the middle of the day? It's happened to us all! Don't get caught! Keep concealer on your for those pimple emergencies and no one will notice that you even have them.

Face Powder- Did you have to run to class this morning? Or maybe you're just a little stressed for an upcoming test? Stress can cause your body to create more oils and exerting yourself can cause sweat! No one wants oily or overly shiny skin! Keep powdered and no one will see the stress on your face.

Mascara- Whether it be sweat or tears, mascara loves to melt down cheeks! But it doesn't mean you have
to have a meltdown! Keep mascara on you to keep lashes looking lush and to make those eyes pop!

Keep these three items in your back pocket (ok, your purse) and you'll be looking beautiful all day long, no matter what the day has to throw your way! Keep your look fresh and shine on, Barbizon of Akron!