Friday, October 25, 2013

Get Clear Skin!

It's time for another weather change! Which, in Ohio, means changes in our skin too. Avoid breakouts this fall/ winter transition by following these tips from Seventeen Magazine below.

  1. Prevent big breakouts- Say goodbye to oil buildup by swiping a clarifying pad over your face three times a week. Pick one with L-carnitine, which prevents the production of oil in your pores, and witch hazel, which is a natural degreaser. 
  2. Gently zap zits. Don't let pimples leave their mark. Treat blemishes with a vitamin A spot treatment to speed up skin cell renewal. You won't scar and your zit will stay gone!
  3. Get rid of blackheads. De-gunk pores and they'll be less noticeable. Apply a sulfuric clay mask once a week to absorb excess oil. The clay has amazing powers that suck out dirt and leave your T-zone less shiny!

Bonus! Cover Zits Like a Pro!

  1. Dab on concealer. Cover a pimple with a light touch so you don't draw more attention to it. Use a makeup brush to tap on concealer until the bump is covered. Then soften the edges by blending with a clean finger.
  2. Even out your whole face. Next, apply a lightweight foundation to the rest of your face. Pick one with color correcting properties. Apply with a clean makeup sponge so the cream blends in with your skin tone.
  3. Set with powder. Make sure your pimple-free look lasts all day! With a finger, tap powder over the zit. The cornstarch in the powder prevents the oils in your skin from melting the makeup underneath!
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