Friday, October 18, 2013

Avoid Acne and Wrinkles... With Oil!

At Barbizon of Akron, we believe in giving our students tips they need to succeed. Sometimes these are based on confidence, sometimes health, and other times fashion and beauty. Today, we're tying health and beauty together as we all learn about how to use an oil cleanser.

Growing up, many of you probably heard about this oil free cleanser or that. But, did you know that stripping your skin of oils could actually be harmful? By stripping the oils in your skin, your body actually begins to create more oil to try to balance out your skin, so it actually makes skin oilier. Sometimes it will just dry your face out completely causing dry skin and black heads. And for those with the all-too-common combination skin, you'll find yourself with pimples where your skin is too oily and blackheads where it's too dry.

So, what do you do? You begin using an oil cleanser! By cleansing your face with oil, you hydrate the skin and naturally balance it out as the oil combats oil. Counter-intuitive, right? But it works!

Now to get down to business. Buy yourself some Jojoba oil, which can be found at natural food stores, and then follow the steps below! Because this isn't a traditional cleanser, it does have different steps, so pay close attention.

  1.  Wash your hands with soap and water without wetting your face. Clean hands= clean face when cleansing with oil.
  2.  Pour a nickel to quarter-sized amount of oil onto your hand and begin massaging it into your face, concentrating on areas with clogged pores or dry patches. For daily cleansing, massage for one minute. Massage for up to 10 minutes if you’re feeling extra luxurious. You may feel little gritty pieces under your fingers – believe it or not, those are bits of dry skin or hardened sebum.
  3. Dampen a washcloth with very warm water and lay it on your face. This will further open your pores and allow the oils to cleanse and balance your skin. After one to two minutes, use the towel to wipe off the oil gently. Rinse the towel and wipe one more time. (You may also hold your head over a bowl of steaming hot water if you have time. Follow up with a damp washcloth.)
  4.  Moisturize as usual.
While this should work for most skin, it is important to remember that no one's chemical makeup is the same as another's. Acne can also be caused from stress, diet and hormones, in which case the oil may not be a cure-all but it will still cleanse the face. But, if you've tried everything out there and still have not seen results, an oil cleanser may be just what you're looking for, so try it out!