Friday, October 4, 2013

An Inside Look Into the World of Barbizon of Akron

Hey Barbizon of Akron fans, ready for a riddle? Who speaks their own language, has their own way of dressing and has distinct needs and desires? Who follows the newest trends and grows up right before our eyes? Do you give up? The answer is, TEENAGERS.

We’ve all been at that age of confusion, and we’ve all experienced the lack of confidence. We all understand that this is a difficult era to grow up in which is why, at Barbizon of Akron, we want our students to know that we care about each and every one of their well-beings!

Being a teenager can be stressful. Teens are bombarded with challenges they continue to face on a daily basis including, poor self-image, peer pressure, heavy school work loads, problems at home, feeling like they don’t fit in, pressured into making life-altering decisions, bullying- and the list goes on... At Barbizon of Akron, we understand these hardships and want to help. These negative feelings that teens experience can lead to negative outcomes such as low self-esteem, which can lead to even more serious problems such as, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and even, teen suicide.

That is why Barbizon of Akron works with parents to train and educate young people to gain a stronger
sense of identity, self-confidence, increased emotional stability and the ability to make the right decisions.

Barbizon has been helping teenagers mature into young adults since 1939. We believe that feeling confident in one’s self means walking into a room full of people. Confidence means speaking with authority and not being afraid to express a well-educated opinion. It also means walking with pride, and dressing with style. At Barbizon of Akron we are committed and fully concerned with the individuals in our program because we care. Our goal is to help each student blossom into a mature, confident young adult. Keeping our Barbizon class size small is a strong factor that aids in the successful education of each of our students. We are able to give personal attention to each student on an individual level. This also helps our students make strong connections with other students in their class.

Barbizon equips young men and women with the tools to help them sail through life. Our graduates find themselves with careers from modeling to medicine, engineering to
editing, accounting to acting, painting to eventually parents themselves. The sky is the limit for our graduates. We may be training young people in modeling, photomovement, makeup, nail care, haircare, TV and commercial work; but we also stress speech etiquette, health/ nutrition, job interviewing skills, self-esteem, public speaking and business finishing skills. Our graduates have a strong advantage when they interview for jobs because they are learning how to carry themselves in any and every situation.

Think of how much the world has changed and evolved since 1939. Even our phones and computers talk to us now! Through all of the technological advances and changes of life, Barbizon has been right there too, enriching students with the tradition that continues today. Barbizon is, and will always be, here to help!