Friday, September 27, 2013

The Unique Features of Barbizon of Akron

Wouldn't it be fun to be cast in films, television shows and commercials that are very lucrative? Barbizon of Akron has graduates that are working around the world with national and international companies for print campaigns, with top designers and countless covers of magazines. We also have graduates that prefer to work locally on a part time basis, usually to earn some extra income and to have fun! Whichever route you choose, we can say with confidence that you will not regret having the Barbizon of Akron Program as a background in the field that you choose!
Did you know that Barbizon of Akron is well known for its major modeling programs for adults, teens and children in commercial and fashion modeling, as well as its personal development and acting programs? Did you also know that we have been established since 1939 and now have over 260 Barbizon Agencies worldwide? Barbizon of Akron continues to excel in the education and construction of self- confidence for all of its students.
Our teaching staff is professionally trained by the New York approved Barbizon method, and is continuously educated to meet international standards of excellence. We provide a professional facility and environment, along with the Barbizon staff that is educated in how to educate!
Upon graduating, agency registration with Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. is available! This is a full service agency to its clients, and includes bookings for TV commercials, industrial and training videos, voice-overs, print work (high fashion & commercial), runway, catalogue, editorial and thousands of hours of promotional work! Each graduate always will have the option to refresh on a course at any time at no additional charge, and can transfer privileges to any of the worldwide Barbizon locations for the course the graduate was enrolled in! This is beneficial to our models to stay up to date with the industry.  
Many of our models in good standing have had the privilege to be a part of our membership in IMTA- International Models and Talent Association. IMTA hosts the largest international conventions for modeling, talent and the entertainment industry. Our local models are traveling more and more to Los Angeles, New York, Europe and Asia to pursue their dreams of modeling and acting.
To ensure the best for our models, we use a professional photographer for our photo-movement workshops to give our graduates the best images to pursue the modeling/talent industry. In addition, as a Barbizon of Akron graduate, you will be entitled to a professional color photo shoot with Barbizon of Akron and 1 8x10 digital image on CD.
Our television workshops are always a blast! These include commercials taped and reviewed over closed circuit television!
We cannot list all of the benefits you will receive by taking advantage of our program, as each person is working to reach his or her individual goals, but we can say that you will enjoy the outcome you receive! You WILL gain the poise, confidence and look that will carry you through a lifetime of goals and accomplishments. Be confident in your decision to enroll with Barbizon of Akron because we are confident in you.