Friday, August 30, 2013

Don't Lose your Hair!

Hair loss is a major fear of many men, but did you know that balding also affects women? Check out these five tips in preventing hair loss, from Many of these tips will help you retain a full head of hair whether your genetics are a factor or not! In honor of National Hair Loss Awareness Month, here are five things you need to know to avoid getting bald spots before your time.

1. Rethink your diet: The idiom "you are what you eat" applies to your hair health, too. "Hair and scalp
problems can arise from either a deficiency or an excess of nutrients in your diet," says trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips of the Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York City. "Your hair cells need a balanced diet of proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to function at their best." Avoid extreme weight loss as well—another common determinant of hair loss.

2. Chill out: Elevated stress levels may cause an increase in shedding, so it's important to take time to relax your mind. And while exercising is a great way to reduce tension, be aware: Too much working out can provoke hair loss.

3. Don't forget about your scalp: "Infrequent washing encourages dandruff, and studies have shown that dandruff can cause or exacerbate hair loss," Phillips explains. "If you already have dandruff or a flaky/itchy scalp, use special[ized] shampoos and toners to help clear irritation and flakes."

4. Take your vitamins: Get your fill of the necessary scalp and hair vitamins by taking supplements. Add calcium, iron, zinc, gelatin protein, soy protein, and vitamins D, B12, and B6 to your daily diet. It seems like a laundry list, but if you're patient, you'll notice the difference.

5. See a specialist: If you know hair loss runs in the family, it's worth it to see a specialist. A trichologist, like Phillips, deals specifically with the hair and scalp. A simple blood test can determine the cause of your hair loss and suss out the solution.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to School Makeup Must Haves!

Its that back to school season, and while some of you have already started, we know that these must haves will help get you through the rest of the year! So, have no fear, makeup help is here! Check out our great list below!

Lip Crayons- Lip crayons are an awesome way to add subtle color to your lips! Not only that, they work to moisturize you pout and last longer than most lipsticks and lip glosses. And, there are so many colors out there, it's hard to get bored! Try them out today.

Makeup Eraser Pen- Mascara smears? Uneven eyeliner? Quickly remove or correct small makeup smudges and mistakes without having to take off the rest of your makeup. How? With a makeup eraser pen! Long days at school means your makeup is really working to hold up. Best to have a tool to fix it when it doesn't!

Nail Polish- And lots of it! Try out some new nail art designs or give yourself an at home mani pedi to help relax after school. Changing nail polish will also help to give an extra kick to your look, and again, with so many colors, you'll never get bored!

Blotting Papers- Stressed? Don't sweat it! PE running you ragged? Have no fear! With blotting papers, you can remove excess oil and sweat from your skin without removing your makeup. There are tons of different
brands out there and some even have salicylic acid to help improve your complexion!

Cuticle Scissors- Whether you have dry cuticles or a hang nail, cuticle scissors will come to your rescue! Have a nail snagging on your clothes? Just snip it off! Also good for loose strings or annoying tags on clothes for when you notice them while sitting in homeroom!

Those are our five beauty must haves for a great school year! Shine on, Barbizon of Akron!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to School Fashion Must Haves for 2013

Sadly, it's that time again. Late night bonfires are being replaced with late night study cram sessions, afternoon pool parties are replaced with afternoon cafeteria food, and you're going from sleeping in to getting up early to that old alarm clock... But have no fear, fashion is around no matter the time of year, here at Barbizon of Akron! And who can't enjoy that? Check out our top BTS Fashion Must Haves for the upcoming year!

Geek Chic Glasses: Whether you need them or not, glasses add just the right amount of flair to any outfit. Pick up some with a pattern to give an extra punch of personality.

Sneakers: Finally, your favorite tennis shoes can sneak their way back into your everyday closet! Classic styles look super cute with cuffed jeans. Pair these with secret socks or all-out extreme patterns (white ankle versions will totally take away from the look). Wear with a quirky buttoned-to-the-collar shirt that offsets the colors in your sneakers to complete the look!

Bold Blazers: Want to grab attention and look classy? The bold blazer has got you covered! Try it in pink, yellow, green... whatever color catches your fancy. Just remember to keep it bold!

Turquoise Jewelry: Want to pull off that retro rocker look? Try stacking up on some jewelry! Natural materials, like stones, are all the rage. Just remember when you're stockpiling your outfit to keep to one type of stone and metal.

Flirty Skirts: Skirts have really made a comeback this year. This season, try out a nice flirty skirt. It looks super cute and gives off a super girly vibe. Try it in flat black or a cute pattern.

There are our top 5 must haves for the upcoming season. Wear them separately or throw them all together for a bold look with lots of personality. Have a great school year and remember to shine on, Barbizon of Akron!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Miss Ohio Latina is from Barbizon of Akron!

Here at Barbizon of Akron each and every one of our students and graduates is exceptional in their own way. This is the case with our very own Stephanie Miranda! At only 19 years old, this young woman already has an amazing future ahead of her. Her story is one of fun and success so we decided to share it with all of you!

A Barbizon of Akron alum, Stephanie has had a lot of success in pageants. Most recently, she represented the city of Youngstown in the Miss Ohio Latina pageant. In a night filled with tears, hugs and lots of excitement, Stephanie was crowned Miss Ohio Latina 2013! She had a great time making her family proud and loved seeing that pride reflected in their smiles when her name was called to be crowned. One of the most exciting things for Stephanie when it comes to pageants is making a lot of new friends on their amazing journey. Most she even considers her sisters!

Stephanie will be representing Ohio at the national Miss Latina Pageant being held in Cancun, Mexico later this year. She is beyond excited and can't wait to make all of us proud! We can't wait to see how she does!

More recently, Stephanie attended the IMTA convention with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. They knew that she had star power, but they wanted to put it to the test! She was so excited that she packed up her things a whole week before we were even leaving for the convention. The very first day of taking advantage of her trip to New York with them, Stephanie had her first private meeting. Stephanie received an offer that she is now considering from an agency out in LA!

Below is what Stephanie had to say about Barbizon of Akron:

I have always liked modeling and acting but I never knew how to get started! My mom told me when she was younger she went to a modeling school called Barbizon. So we looked it up and we found Barbizon of Akron Ohio. We called in and went to the open call. Right then and there they told me I was accepted! On August 3, 2010, I became a Barbizon graduate. Brabizon really helped me in my self-confidence to keep modeling and even doing pageants. I'm so thankful that I had the best teacher. I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am right now if it wasn't for the training Barbizon gave me. So, thank you, Barbizon!

And thank you Stephanie for your kind words! We knew she had what it takes to be great and were happy to help polish her into who she has become today. At Barbizon of Akron, we celebrate giving people the skills they need to accomplish ANYTHING in life!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Barbizon of Akron Alum goes from Bullied to Big-Time!

The story of Duncan Anderson, a 14-year-old from Hudson OH, was like so many others we hear in today’s news: bullied for Turrets and his Jewish religious beliefs, pulled from school, complete lack of confidence … he was suffering and headed in a downward spiral. It’s all changed. Here is the short version of his news-worthy story:

Worried about his confidence and ability to cope with his peer issues, Duncan’s parents unknowingly started him down this road to self-discovery when they enrolled him in Barbizon of Akron. “We originally signed Duncan up for classes at Barbizon to improve confidence and self esteem after he was bullied during middle school. We never expected a legitimate career in modeling/acting! Now, as a result of IMTA, Duncan has his choice of Hollywood agents and managers. This experience has mushroomed from a way to gain confidence to a bona fide opportunity to have a successful career in Hollywood!” says his mother, Kimberly Resnick-Anderson.

Duncan flourished in the atmosphere and came to life in front of the camera – learning both lifelong and industry skills such as public speaking and interviewing, to appropriate dressing and etiquette and posture. Cumulatively these grew his self-confidence and helped with his positive self-esteem. After discovering his new love for the camera and how it was both calming and empowering him, he decided to audition for IMTA through Pro-Model & Talent Management. Partnered with Al Onorato, Los Angeles Manager [instrumental to careers of stars including Katie Holmes, Elijah Wood, Kevin Spacey & Sean Murray {of NCIS}] the staff at Pro-Model & Talent saw the magic and spark that Duncan held within him. They offered the opportunity for Duncan to attend the International Convention held in New York City this past July. Working extensively with Acting Coaches, participating in photoshoots and learning, with his mother, more about the opportunities in the National Markets, Duncan and his mother headed to New York. Success abounded.

“Winning two awards and five honorable mentions were certainly wonderful, but the interest he generated from agents and managers was amazing! In all, 23 industry professionals showed interest in Duncan. After consultation with PMTM mastermind, Mary Sklamba, we selected the agent and manager we felt were the best fit for him.” continues Kimberly Resnick-Anderson, Duncan’s Mother, who attended the event with him. Mary Sklamba is the Agency’s National and International Placement Director.

What does the future hold for this bright young star who has turned his life around? According to his mother, “Our loose plan is to head out to LA for a "trial" period of three months and get a taste of life out there. If things go well, we will consider permanently relocating as a family. The first question Duncan's younger brothers, Cooper and Parker, asked was "When do we pack?" “. We shall all see.

With the right guidance, support and direction, the world will see Duncan’s gifts – including those kids who bullied him right out of school. Duncan’s message is a positive one. Not having experienced such close friends and an extracurricular “family” before, his mom says Duncan’s biggest highlight of this experience was “bonding with the group [attending the convention with PMTM]. He feels a strong connection to the contestants and directors after sharing such an intense and emotional week. They are extended family. Duncan's experience has been life-changing.”

Duncan’s story illustrates the possibilities that our youth hold within themselves. The possibilities that are just waiting to burst forth with the right direction and support from family, friends or community. No matter what his future holds, Duncan’s story, we hope, will inspire other youth to overcome serious life challenges and develop into confident, young adults with focus, drive and a positive outlook on life.

For more information on Duncan and his experiences, or to speak with someone from Barbizon of Akron, email