Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup Expiration Dates!

Toss that old lipstick that the manufacturer stopped making, ditch that mascara that you’ve been hanging onto because you like the brush and throw away the foundation that is starting to separate

 Believe it or not, just like food, makeup has an expiration date too!
You may be getting ready for another day of work or class, and start to notice that your mascara as a strange odor, or is becoming too clumpy, TOSS IT IMMEDIATELY! Mascara has a shelf life of about 2-to-3 months. It’s important to get rid of the product after the allotted amount of time to avoid bacteria getting into your eyes! This is a problem because you may start to develop eye irritations, something no one wants to deal with!

Our favorite lotions last us about 2 years. Once you start to see your lotion changing color, or the scent is beginning to change, it’s time to say goodbye and schedule another trip to your local drugstore to buy some more! A little health tip, when buying a lotion, buy a bottle with a pump, rather than just squeezing the lotion out. Pump lotions are better because it is more difficult for bacteria to get into the lotion! This will also help your lotion last longer because it will be more sanitary.

If you wake up one morning and reach for your foundation only to discover it is separating into layers and the color is beginning to lighten, TOSS IT OUT! Foundation has a shelf life of about 6-12 months. It’s always important to keep your makeup out of the sunlight as well. UV rays will make your product spoil more quickly.
If you begin to notice your lip stick is drying out or lip gloss is extra sticky one day, throw them away, they’re no longer suitable for use. Our lipsticks have a shelf life of about 2 years and 1 year for lip gloss!

Powders, foundations, blush and eye shadow can be used for about 2 years; however, cleaning your brushes the way you have learned from a previous blog titled, “How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes” will help you get the most out of their 2 year shelf life! You can tell when your products are starting to go bad because they will become flakey and dry. New powders will not!

Stay up to date with your products with Barbizon of Akron! The fact that our makeup expires isn’t a completely terrible thing, it gives us a chance to try new products and discover the ones we like the best!

By: Kelley Notaro