Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

 We all have them, but do we all take care of them properly? Barbizon of Akron is going to teach you how to properly clean your makeup brushes because let’s face it, I can guarantee that you may not do this as much as you probably should! If you do, great! You’re doing your part in taking care of your skin when you use your brushes!

The more we use our brushes, the more bacteria begins to build up! You’re dipping that brush into your powder and rubbing those bacteria on your makeup and skin! Not a very nice image, huh? BUT don’t worry; Barbizon of Akron is here to put an end to bacteria filled brushes!

All you are going to need are a few simple things when it comes to cleaning your brushes the correct way. You won’t need to go out and buy anything special to do this; believe it or not, you probably already have the supplies you need! Ask mom, or go on a house hunt to find: some antibacterial dish soap, preferably gentle formula, olive oil, paper towels and a mug to dry the brushes! Was that so hard to find? I don’t think so! 

You’re going to start off with running your brushes under warm water. Go ahead and work your fingers through the bristles to get off the loose makeup on the brush. Make sure you keep the bristles facing down as to not get any water into the ferrule, which is the metal part that holds the bristles! This may loosen the glue holding your bristles in place, and you don’t want that! Now, we are going to get started with the cleaning! 
Go ahead and put some of the dish soap in the palm of your hand. You’re going to want start to swirl the brush in the soap and work the soap through the bristles as you did with the warm water. Once you feel as though you worked the soap in thoroughly, go ahead and start to rinse the soap off. Gently work your fingers through the brushes to get all of the soap off, again holding the brush down to avoid getting water in the ferrule.

Since your brushes aren’t brand new anymore, don’t get discouraged if you can’t get the makeup color out completely; however, here is where the olive oil comes into play!

Just like you did with the soap, put a little olive oil on the palm of your hand and swirl the brush around in it. Work the olive oil into the bristles. Think of the dish soap as your shampoo and the olive oil as your conditioner! The olive oil is going to work on melting out the extra makeup on the bristles to restore the color as best it can! Repeat the same rinsing process after you are finished!
To dry the bristles, squeeze out the excess water with your paper towels and dry the brushes upside down so the water runs out of the brush and avoids running into the ferrule! 

Repeating this process at least once a week will help you get more use out of your brushes, in turn saving you more money!

Barbizon of Akron hopes you put these tips to good use!

By:Kelley Notaro