Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun and Affordable Summer Ideas!

Barbizon of Akron knows that summer vacation is one of the best times of the year, but what happens when money is tight and you can’t afford to do all of the things you wish you could? Have no fear; we have you covered with some fun and affordable things that you and your friends can do over break!

 Are you aware that the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is free on Monday’s until Labor Day for Cuyahoga County and Hinckley Township residents? Many people in these areas take full advantage of this awesome opportunity! So much so that the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo set a new record for people in attendance at their facility on Monday, June 13! They had 24,976 visitors! How cool is that? If you don’t live in those areas and still want to go to the zoo, or can’t make it there on a Monday if you are a resident, tickets for adults are only $12.25 and $8.25 for children until October 31! What a great way to have fun and save some money!

Keep with the trend, and grab your friends or family and take a small day trip to Port Clinton, OH! Another fun and affordable way to save some money is to check out their African safari! I went on one with my family a year ago and had an absolute blast! You may think this is expensive, but no way! With Groupon, a money saving discount website, the cost per ticket originally being $21.95, is just $10! That’s a 64% discount! You get to ride in your car and feed animals such as, zebra’s, buffalo, giraffes and camels! Head to Africa without even leaving the country!

A fun hike in the woods is always a great way to experience tranquility, and guess what, it’s free! Head to your local park with your friends and discover some fun trails. Nature is so beautiful and we definitely don’t take into consideration all of the amazing flowers, plants, animals and trees in front of us! Make a day out of it and plan a fun picnic with your friends on one of the trails you make your way through.

If it’s a hot and sunny day, head to your local pool, or even the beach. Catch some rays and cool off in the water! You can even bring a Frisbee, football or other things to throw around to your friends! Make sure you pack your sunscreen though, skin safety is very important!
Summer fun is everywhere, so use your imagination and take into account that the world is at your feet! You’re never going to have as much free time as you do in the summer months, so get lost in fun activities! Who knows, you may even discover something new about yourself! 

Barbizon of Akron hopes you have a fun and safe rest of your summer!

By: Kelley Notaro