Friday, May 3, 2013

Top Five Beauty Mistakes

We all love experimenting with different makeup products and different beauty techniques... But stay clear of these common mistakes! No matter how practiced you are, chances are you've been a victim of at least one of these errors.

White Neck: When applying foundation and powders, we tend to focus primarily on our face and the thought of hitting our neck escapes us. Be sure to brush some foundation or powder on your neck as well.
There are few things more embarrassing than sporting one skin tone on your face and another on your neck!

Bad Brows: Our eyes are the windows to the soul, so be sure that the curtains look neat! When talking to people, it's always good to maintain eye contact, and while people are maintaining that eye contact is when they'll also get to check out your brows. Are they over-powering, are they over-plucked? If you are unsure of how to maintain your eye brows, seek out help from a professional that can shape them for you and teach you how to maintain them from there.

Supervision Required: Unfortunately, makeup isn't always an all day thing. Be sure to check up on your makeup throughout the day to ensure that it all looks spic and span. Nothing says "hot mess" like having eye makeup smeared under your eyes, or worse, lipstick smudged across your face or teeth.

Tarantula Lashes: As much as we all want to have thick AND long lashes, sometimes it's just not possible. Applying coat after coat of mascara just gives a weird and clumpy look to your eyes. If a couple of coats of mascara aren't doing it for you, consider trying out some false lashes. There are some pretty outlandish ones out there, but there are also a lot of beautiful and natural looking ones too. Experiment to find your perfect look!

Practiced Hand: It takes a practiced hand to apply flawless eyeliner. If you're just starting out, work with an eyeliner pencil. They are less messy and are easy to smudge out, giving a smokey effect, if you can't get that perfect line. Once you are more practiced, try using a liquid or gel liner. These give a more dramatic look but are much messier and harder to fix. Eye liner can make or break a look so be sure not to work beyond your means!

These are the top five fatal flaws of makeup that we see day-to-day. With these tips, hopefully you can avoid these major mistakes! Keep shining, Barbizon of Akron!