Friday, May 24, 2013

Cute Springtime/ Summertime Nails!

One of our favorite things about spring, here at Barbizon of Akron, is seeing all of the cute springtime (and summertime) nail art! Below are five of our favorite, and most easy to execute, spring/ summer nail designs complete with tutorial so you can keep your nails looking fresh! Try these designs or create something new and unique!

Watermelons: We absolutely love these colorful and fruity watermelon nails! They are great if you're having an outing or picnic. They are both refreshing and juicy, just like the video says!

Ladybugs: These nails are simply delightful! I personally have tried them and they were a huge hit. Super fun and they just might bring you some extra good luck!

Cherry Blossoms (Arizona Greent Tea): Simple yet beautiful. This is a design that says "less is more" as it is not an overpowering design and can be worn for anything!

Strawberries: Juicy and cute and they remind us of those little strawberry candies! You can't go wrong with these beauties!

Palm Trees: Going on vacation to the beach, or are you dreaming about it like we are? Bring the beach everywhere you go with these beautiful palm tree nails!

Those are our top five favorite designs! Let us know what others you love by commenting on our nail art post on Facebook! Have a beautiful spring and summer, Barbizon of Akron! Shine on!