Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring and Summer Hair Tips!

It's that time again! The changing of the season. We'd like to say the change is happening outside, but so far, it seems to only be happening on our calendars. Rest assured, soon enough the birds will be chirping, the water will be warmer and we'll be back out soaking up the sun! But while you're out, be sure to take great care of your hair to prevent sun bleached and damaged post-summer hair come fall!

Proper Moisture: As the temperatures go up, we also see humidity start to climb which means that there is more moisture in the air. To keep hair from looking greasy or being over-hydrated (yes, there is such a thing), balance out your normal conditioning routine. If you are currently deep conditioning once a week, bump it to once every other week. Consider also dropping a heavy daily conditioner for a lighter one.

Accessorize: With spring we also tend to see a lot of wind! Use accessories to help keep hair pinned in place. Pony tails, braids, headbands and hair clips should be your accessories of choice. Try a nice taming spray to also lock your hair into place on the not-so-windy days.

UV Protection: While some people love natural highlights, the UV ray's ability to lighten hair can be a nightmare for those with colored hair or un-natural highlights! Pick up a shampoo that offers UV protection to keep hair color fresh.

Build-up Removal: Spring and summer are the prime times to be hitting the pool! If you're hopping into chlorine, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo as soon as you get out to remove any excess build-up in your hair. Some salons also offer treatment to remove build-up if simply shampooing is not enough.

Go Natural: Keep with your hair's natural texture. It's the most fresh look for spring time. Knotting and twisting hair can add a little umph if there just isn't enough going for you.