Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Skincare Tips

Oh, winter. The snow, the hot cocoa, sledding with friends and sitting by a nice fire by the fireplace. You won't hear us complain! Our skin, on the other hand, may be crying out for some extra TLC. Follow these great tips and check out the video below to keep your skin young and dewy instead of dry and splotchy this winter.

Use a Humidifier: Artificial heat sources, such as central heating systems and space heaters, can really suck the moisture out of the air, drying out our skin. Using a humidifier helps to put moisture back into the air, preventing further drying out of your skin.

Moisturize more: Seasons are always changing and so should your skincare routine to keep up. While minimal moisturizer may work during the spring and summertime, winter's air is much drier and much more harsh to our skin. Find a moisturizer that is thicker and contains non-clogging oils such as avocado oil, almond oil or primrose oil.

Wear Sunscreen: Believe it or not, the winter sun is still quite powerful! Also, with the snow comes a little thing known as "snow glare" where the sunlight can actually be amplified and bounced back onto our skin. Wearing a sunscreen will help protect against the sun's harmful rays and protect against premature aging.

Kick the Hot H2O: Hot baths and hot showers are a big no-no during the winter season. The steam and hot water opens up your pores, and when you step out of the bath, the cool air quickly sucks the moisture right out of those open pores! Keep your bathing routine mild by bathing with lukewarm water. You can even splash cold water on your face to help close up pores.

Tone it Down: Tone down the use of harsh chemicals compared to your usual skincare routine. Use facial peels, astringents and toners minimally. Try using facial washes and moisturizers that are alcohol free and are not clay based. Both can suck out our natural oils and skin moisture. Opt for more mild cleansers, or even more indulgent cleansers, labeled "deeply hydrating." Check out the video below to see how to wash your face using very mild, very nourishing, all natural oatmeal!

We hope that everyone has found this blog helpful! Transitioning is always difficult; this includes the transition into winter for our skin. These tips will help keep the transition an easy and radiant process. Stay beautiful, Barbizon!