Friday, December 21, 2012

Build the Year of You!

With every New Year comes the opportunity to set the tone for the upcoming year. For 2013, we are challenging you all to make this year your year! Follow these tips below, and make 2013 a year to be remembered!

Be Positive: You know the old quote: “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right!” A big part of having a great year is to think that you will. Try to find the bright side of everything and you will find that there is no limit to the great abundance of the next year.

Become Better-Rounded: Strive to make yourself better-rounded. Make new friends, explore new cultures, try a new sport, take up singing, painting or developing some other talent. Picking up new hobbies help us develop different skills and appreciate different things in life.

Volunteer: Volunteer your time to a cause that you believe in. It will make you feel POWERFUL to become part of the bigger picture. Whether it be at the local food bank, an animal shelter or just helping out an elderly neighbor in your neighborhood, helping makes you feel better about yourself. Also, being able to reflect on how you make a difference in the world can help brighten any case of the blues!

Review your Limitations: Evaluate your limits now and push to burst through them by the end of the year. As humans, our potential is near limitless and we should all cash in to become the best we can be! Practice to run faster, jump farther, become smarter… There are so many opportunities out there, and too often, it’s US holding ourselves back!

Remember it: This one sounds weird, but trust us, it works! This year, make a 2013 Memory Jar. It can be as simple as a mason jar but can be as big of a pick-me-up as playing with a kitten! Every time that something great happens, whether it be having a fun night out with friends, or a stranger giving you a compliment, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, open it up and read the papers to remember how great the last year was!

With all of that being said, we hope that this upcoming year is going to be a great one! Happy Holidays to you all and, remember: this is the Year of You! Seize it!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Keep Tresses, not Messes! The salon the Models go to!!!

All Barbizon of Akron students and family members can receive a 15% discount on all services and products keep reading for the details!

It’s winter and the season of dry hair has begun! You may have noticed your hair knotting up a bit more than usual or that your scalp has gotten a little itchy! A great way to keep your tresses healthy (and not messy) is to get to the nearest salon, ASAP! Hairstylists can give you an updated look for winter and suggest products based on your needs to keep your hair and scalp happy. Follow these tips below to keep yourself pampered for winter!

Keep your look updated:
All great salons should know the latest and best looks. The latest and trendiest colors and cuts can also be found in magazines and style blogs. To make a look work best for you, it is always important to develop a relationship with your hairdresser so they can put your personality into the style and suit the style to your needs. If you’re on a tight budget, the best way to keep a fresh look is to stay with the classics! They are usually much easier to maintain and look great for every season and occasion. Using accessories and trying twists on old looks (braids, ponytails, etc) can also help bring lackluster hair to a more current state.

Always Tip:
If you want to be well taken care of, you have to take care of those you are trusting to take care of you. Many salon employees get the bulk of their income from tips meaning that, if they get an hourly wage, it is well below normal minimum wage. If you have a reputation for not tipping well, those serving you may not want to invest in matching your color 100% or giving you a prolonged scalp massage during shampooing (who would want that cut short?), just as you are not willing to invest in them for the services. After services are provided, check the totals for each service when you are given the bill and use that amount as reference for your tip.
  • Colorists & Hairstylists- 15%-20% 
  • Shampoo Person- $2-$3 
  • Manicurist/ Pedicurist- 15%-20% 
  • Facial/ Aestheticians/ Waxing, etc- 15%-20% 

Don’t Forget Appointments:
Keeping your salon appointment is just polite. Your stylist may be very busy and work often depends on the clients they bring in. Making appointments and then not keeping them is just bad business. If it's an absolute emergency and you have no other choice, then at least give proper notice that you won't be keeping the appointment. It could also take weeks to reschedule which could force you to an unfamiliar stylists and a style you may not have appreciated as much as had it been done by your normal stylist.

Try Something New:
Many salons offer services beyond your basic cut and color. If you get a little extra holiday spending money, try experimenting with a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial treatment that you’ve never had before. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing, and in trying something new, you may be able to add something you love to your routine that you wouldn’t have otherwise though of!

We Recommend: If you just want to look like a MODEL!
For services locally, we suggest using Mira Hair & Body Studio. Mira Studio is staffed by a group of individuals strongly devoted to, and passionate about their craft. They are experienced with all skin and hair types and have great Nail Technicians, a Massage Therapist, an Aesthetician, and Make-Up Artists on staff. All Barbizon of Akron students and parents receive a 15% off discount for all services. Mira is a full service salon and the discount includes services such as cuts, colors, perms, straighteners, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, waxing and more! You can learn more about Mira by clicking here.

Looking great makes us all feel better both inside and out, and hopefully these tips will help you achieve this in the long term!