Friday, August 31, 2012

From North Canton to New York; Marissa Irwin has it all!

In our line of work, there is no batter payoff than seeing one of our talents realizing their potential and running with it. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing their success as they blossom into their niche. Marissa Irwin has done just that!

Marissa was originally struggling with confidence issues after undergoing some physical and medical obstacles in her life. She felt like she wasn’t the beautiful woman that she wanted to be. At her mother’s suggestion, she decided to involve herself in something positive to boost her esteem. She soon enrolled into Barbizon of Akron’s training center to gain confidence and excelled in the female modeling and personal development programs.

After graduating the program, Marissa signed with Pro Model & Talent Management and decided to pursue the national/ international market. “I thought it was my chance to model on a bigger level, meet new people, see new things and make great money,” she said.

When asked if she ever thought she would become a model, she enthusiastically replied: “No! Absolutely not!”  She credits her instructors at Barbizon for teaching her how to walk and move in front of the camera in addition to helping her with posture and manners and especially how to audition. The thing she is most thankful for learning is how to carry herself in regular day-to-day life.

You can now see Marissa in magazines, print ads, special events in the entertainment community, on television, and she’s even broken through to the big screen! Making it big isn’t easy and Irwin has showed us how possible it is to make your dream a reality. We have already seen great things from Marissa Irwin and are excited to see just how far she will go! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Are you being bullied? We can help!

Bullying has become a national epidemic. Every time that we log on to Google News or tune in to CNN, we see that tragedy has struck yet another victim of bullying. Bullying exists everywhere; at school, at work, at home… Sometimes, the biggest bully can be the person staring right back at you in the mirror!

At Barbizon, we help young people and adults build the confidence they need to stand up for themselves, to see themselves in a “true” light. No matter what size you are, or how you look, you already have everything within you to be the person that you would like to be. Model people are not born, they are made. They know how to accentuate the wonderful gifts they have or the skills they have learned, and how to accept and minimize their flaws. We find no greater joy than showing people how to “rock what they’ve got,” and once you can be that comfortable, there is nothing you cannot do and no one that can bring you down.

Many people see “Barbizon” and think “modeling.” They immediately think of the fashion and catalog models and let a great opportunity pass them by. Modeling is not just for photo shoots or runways; modeling is for everyday life! Just about every single day that we are on this Earth we are meeting new people and we never know what opportunities could stem from simply bumping into someone in the check-out line. So, wouldn’t you like to know how to “model” the “best you” while you are out tackling the world?

People of all ages, all size and shapes and all backgrounds come to Barbizon for many different things. Some come to find out about modeling and acting on the local level while others come for the esteem boost of learning how to “look like a model.” Some come to learn how to best deal with bullying, while others use this as an exercise in learning more about themselves. Many adults come to us to work on their business finishing skills, like how to interview for jobs, public speaking and how to better communicate with those around you. Many of our clients work with us so they can become better lawyers, doctors, professors, etc. as they take the skills they learn here and apply them to their everyday lives.

To us, at Barbizon, we feel that every one of our clients is a model. Our models are not followers, they are leaders. They believe in breaking the mold, not getting hung up on what others think of them, and they truly “own” themselves. They are not into the negative influences out there (drugs, drinking, etc) and are positive role models to their friends, family and community. Like we said before, everything you need to be the best you is already inside of you. Let us help you find it.