Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduate Lorinda Irby Shoots With Altercare!

Barbizon of Akron graduate and listed model with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt., Lorinda Irby, was recently hand-selected by the folks over at Altercare for a recent photoshoot for some of their new products.

Lorinda is a veteran on working in front of the camera. That being said, when she steps on set, she really knows how to turn it on and give the client exactly what they're looking for. She knows that the sllightest movement can make the difference for a dynamite photo!

Lorinda learned from the stellar industry training she received at the Barbizon of Akron. Just like with a dance recital or even a basketball game, you don't go out there and perform without practice and knowledge in your chosen field.

Lorinda is called back and remembered by clients because of her skill set in this industry, in addition to her bubbly personality!