Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on Barbizon of Akron's Rising Photography Star Janaya Smith

Many of you that follow the Barbizon of Akron blog may remember Janaya Smith from a previous feature we did on her. She is now getting ready to graduate from the very highly acclaimed Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. This past week her final portfolio was due and we wanted to share with you that Janaya just found out ; “portfolio accepted”!

Janaya said they absolutely loved my work and raved over it! Then she went out and spent a day in May at the very prestigious Hearst Corporation in studio D, a very large New York City photographer’s studio. Janaya was even invited back this fall to do an internship there and she is definitely considering this option as she feels that it could be a great place for her.

Attending a national/international convention is what got Janaya interested in telling stories and creating moments, and it was actually during a photoshoot that she thought of photography becoming an option as a possible career.  

Modeling and acting training can take people in a whole different direction than what they originally thought. We are showcasing some of Janaya’s work here as it is fantastic. We are also showcasing a picture we took and then one Janaya recently took of herself as a self portrait.

Janaya is someone who has had to overcome many obstacles in her young life and she is someone who should be an inspiration to us all. As Janaya puts it: “I have a strong will to do whatever and keep pushing my limits.” A true testament to her dedication to her craft and apirations for the future.