Thursday, June 7, 2012

Praise From A Barbizon of Akron Graduate's Mother

Barbizon has been a household name for over 70 years now. People of all ages come to Barbizon of Akron for help with many things; ranging from training on the runway, help with makeup and hair, learning how to audition and acting techniques.

In addition, Barbizon of Akron helps many teens deal with all of the negative things that are out there today; bullying and peer pressure just to name a few. The list, and ways Barbizon can help improve your life for the better, is endless.

Barbizon of Akron graduate Ariel Bodman is doing some truly amazing things in her life and her mother, Amy Barlowe Bodman, wanted to let Barbizon of Akron know just how much we've helped her daughter along the way.

Mrs. Bodman said of her decision to enroll Ariel in classes at Barbizon of Akron: "Now that our daughter has graduated and moved to NYC, I am constantly reminded that enrolling her in casses at the Barbizon of Akron was definately one of the best things we could have done for her."

She also stated that with the training, the knowledge she gained at Barbizon of Akron has "been absolutely invaluable to her career as a soprano in Early Music and her work in the film industry. Not only has the knowledge she gained from the wonderful teachers at Barbizon given her a great advantage in her fields, but it built her self confidence to an extent that has enabled her to pursue her dreams with continued success."

We at Barbizon of Akron could not be more proud of Ariel and her success and we wish her nothing less than triumph over any goal she sets out to achive. We are grateful that we can assist young people in raising their self confidence to a level that allows them to see that anything is possible with belief in yourself and Ariel is a true testament to that.