Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Inspiring and Uplifting Story About One of Barbizon of Akron's Alums

Barbizon of Akron alum Janaya Smith started with Barbizon of Akron when she was about 13 years old. Janaya then attended an IMTA convention. While Janaya had offers in LA. she and her family decided to stay in Ohio.

After graduating High School Janaya was accepted into the very prestigious Hallmark Institute of photography in Massachusetts. Now there are many amazing things about this young lady including the fact that Janaya has a disability, although I don’t think Janaya or anyone who knows her would ever think that she was disabled!! She has accomplished so much; she should be an inspiration to all of us, that there are no limits.  

We find that people come to Barbizon of Akron for all different reasons. Some come to model and act or to find out about modeling and acting, and many young people today come because they need help dealing with the bullying and all the negative things teens have to deal with today.

Barbizon of Akron is as proud of our people who work in front of the camera as we are of our people who decide that while they love this industry their passion is really for behind the camera/scenes. We always say who knows more of what it is like to be in front of the camera than a model or actor, so of course they have added insight into what they do behind the camera!!! Janaya is one of those people…while she looks magnificent in front of the camera the work she is doing as a photographer is pretty amazing. Everyone should check out her web-site  excellent work.