Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Team Up For An Old-Fashioned Shoe Shine Promotion!

Barbizon of Akron graduates and now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent, Jessica Blaine and Lisa Huendorf, teamed up for a client of ours at the Carter Lumber Show which was held at the John S. Knight Center in Akron.

The client was looking for models to work at his ‘old-fashioned shoe-shine booth’ located in the heart of the convention center.

Top lumber exec’s form all over came and had their shoes shined up by the lovely Jessica and Lisa. The girls shined their shoes while the client talked up the exec’s and tried to pick up their business.

Our promotional models know what they’re doing and how to bring in customers to sell any product under the sun, due in large part to thei stellar traingin at Barbizon of Akron. The client was very pleased with their ability and professionalism.