Thursday, February 9, 2012

Listed Model With Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. And Barbizon of Akron Graduate Jackson Biesecker Showcases His Talents In A Recent Commercial!

A client of Pro-Model & Talent's was looking to fill a non-speaking part with someone that had lots of personality and great facial expressions for a video they were shooting for Individual Solutions.

They were looking for someone to convey confidence, shock, embarrassment, happiness and cockiness-basically any emotion under the sun at a drop of a hat. The talent had to be able to convey these emotions strictly by expression only, and who better to pull off the shots than Barbizon of Akron's very own Jackson Biesecker.

With Jackson’s extensive training he was able to act out the part and get across to the consumer exactly what the client was wanting for updating their commercial and website.

Jackson’s personality and great expressions not only earned him a pretty penny, but also a client that is bound to request him back for more!