Friday, December 21, 2012

Build the Year of You!

With every New Year comes the opportunity to set the tone for the upcoming year. For 2013, we are challenging you all to make this year your year! Follow these tips below, and make 2013 a year to be remembered!

Be Positive: You know the old quote: “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right!” A big part of having a great year is to think that you will. Try to find the bright side of everything and you will find that there is no limit to the great abundance of the next year.

Become Better-Rounded: Strive to make yourself better-rounded. Make new friends, explore new cultures, try a new sport, take up singing, painting or developing some other talent. Picking up new hobbies help us develop different skills and appreciate different things in life.

Volunteer: Volunteer your time to a cause that you believe in. It will make you feel POWERFUL to become part of the bigger picture. Whether it be at the local food bank, an animal shelter or just helping out an elderly neighbor in your neighborhood, helping makes you feel better about yourself. Also, being able to reflect on how you make a difference in the world can help brighten any case of the blues!

Review your Limitations: Evaluate your limits now and push to burst through them by the end of the year. As humans, our potential is near limitless and we should all cash in to become the best we can be! Practice to run faster, jump farther, become smarter… There are so many opportunities out there, and too often, it’s US holding ourselves back!

Remember it: This one sounds weird, but trust us, it works! This year, make a 2013 Memory Jar. It can be as simple as a mason jar but can be as big of a pick-me-up as playing with a kitten! Every time that something great happens, whether it be having a fun night out with friends, or a stranger giving you a compliment, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, open it up and read the papers to remember how great the last year was!

With all of that being said, we hope that this upcoming year is going to be a great one! Happy Holidays to you all and, remember: this is the Year of You! Seize it!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Keep Tresses, not Messes! The salon the Models go to!!!

All Barbizon of Akron students and family members can receive a 15% discount on all services and products keep reading for the details!

It’s winter and the season of dry hair has begun! You may have noticed your hair knotting up a bit more than usual or that your scalp has gotten a little itchy! A great way to keep your tresses healthy (and not messy) is to get to the nearest salon, ASAP! Hairstylists can give you an updated look for winter and suggest products based on your needs to keep your hair and scalp happy. Follow these tips below to keep yourself pampered for winter!

Keep your look updated:
All great salons should know the latest and best looks. The latest and trendiest colors and cuts can also be found in magazines and style blogs. To make a look work best for you, it is always important to develop a relationship with your hairdresser so they can put your personality into the style and suit the style to your needs. If you’re on a tight budget, the best way to keep a fresh look is to stay with the classics! They are usually much easier to maintain and look great for every season and occasion. Using accessories and trying twists on old looks (braids, ponytails, etc) can also help bring lackluster hair to a more current state.

Always Tip:
If you want to be well taken care of, you have to take care of those you are trusting to take care of you. Many salon employees get the bulk of their income from tips meaning that, if they get an hourly wage, it is well below normal minimum wage. If you have a reputation for not tipping well, those serving you may not want to invest in matching your color 100% or giving you a prolonged scalp massage during shampooing (who would want that cut short?), just as you are not willing to invest in them for the services. After services are provided, check the totals for each service when you are given the bill and use that amount as reference for your tip.
  • Colorists & Hairstylists- 15%-20% 
  • Shampoo Person- $2-$3 
  • Manicurist/ Pedicurist- 15%-20% 
  • Facial/ Aestheticians/ Waxing, etc- 15%-20% 

Don’t Forget Appointments:
Keeping your salon appointment is just polite. Your stylist may be very busy and work often depends on the clients they bring in. Making appointments and then not keeping them is just bad business. If it's an absolute emergency and you have no other choice, then at least give proper notice that you won't be keeping the appointment. It could also take weeks to reschedule which could force you to an unfamiliar stylists and a style you may not have appreciated as much as had it been done by your normal stylist.

Try Something New:
Many salons offer services beyond your basic cut and color. If you get a little extra holiday spending money, try experimenting with a massage, manicure, pedicure or facial treatment that you’ve never had before. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing, and in trying something new, you may be able to add something you love to your routine that you wouldn’t have otherwise though of!

We Recommend: If you just want to look like a MODEL!
For services locally, we suggest using Mira Hair & Body Studio. Mira Studio is staffed by a group of individuals strongly devoted to, and passionate about their craft. They are experienced with all skin and hair types and have great Nail Technicians, a Massage Therapist, an Aesthetician, and Make-Up Artists on staff. All Barbizon of Akron students and parents receive a 15% off discount for all services. Mira is a full service salon and the discount includes services such as cuts, colors, perms, straighteners, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages, waxing and more! You can learn more about Mira by clicking here.

Looking great makes us all feel better both inside and out, and hopefully these tips will help you achieve this in the long term!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Spare your Hair this Winter: Tips to keep hair healthy and shiny

We all want to have beautiful, shining, flowing hair; except for Old Man Winter it seems! In the winter, everything is much colder and the air is much dryer, sucking the moisture straight from our hair and skin. Sometimes, you’ll get caught outside where your hair gets whipped into tangles, or the stray hairs that escaped into the snow seem to freeze into popsicles! No matter the problem, following these few tips will 
help keep hair in tip top shape so you’ll be looking great, no matter the temperature! 

Forgo the Blow: Walking around the house with wet hair isn’t always the most comfortable thing in the world. Walking out into the freezing cold with it is even worse! During these times, we rely on our blow dryers more and more, but truly, they could be killing our hair! Try to step away from the blow dryer or use it only when absolutely necessary. If you must blow dry, don’t let your hair fry! Using a leave in conditioner or an anti-heat serum on your hair will help protect it from drying out and frying in the hot air. 

Shampoo Wisely: While it may not be a bad idea to wash your face and body daily, washing your hair daily had little to no benefits depending on your hair type. Switching from washing your hair every day to washing it every other day (at most) will help your hair and scalp retain more of your natural oils and nutrients as they are not being stripped away by harsh shampoos. If you have hair (like mine) that starts looking oily after even just 12 hours of not washing, try using a dry shampoo on those off days. Dry shampoo works by absorbing all of the excess oil. Apply it as directed and brush through hair to remove excess oil. Some dry shampoos can leave white residue in hair; be sure to read product reviews to ensure that you are purchasing a good one! 

Keep the Stresses Off those Tresses: When outside in the cold, dry air, be sure to wear something over your hair. Winter gives us a great excuse to accessorize; don a great knit cap, scarf or cute hood to keep hair safe and intact while still looking like a true fashionista! Lengthy exposure to the elements during winter time can cause major breakage! I would exchange a cute new hat for hair breakage any day! 

Shower Power: When showering, temperature means everything! If that water is scalding hot, you are opening up your hair’s cuticles allowing them to dry out as water evaporates in the cold air once you step out of the shower, sucking all of the moisture with it. Using water that is too cold, however, will not dissolve and remove product build up, dirt and grease. Using warm water will cleanse hair without putting your cuticles at risk. Doing a final rinse with cold water will also seal moisture into cuticles and make hair shinier. Depending on your hair type, it can also bring out highlights!

Permission to Condition: To keep hair silky, moisturize and soft, don’t forget to condition! In addition to normal conditioning, using a deep conditioning mask once a week will help replenish moisture and nutrients that the winter air has zapped from your hair. To get the most of deep conditioning, apply the mask to your hair, put hair in a shower cap and blow dry the cap (with hair in it) until your hair is mostly dry. The warm air from the blow dryer will open up cuticles so the moisture and nutrients can get in. Rinse with cold water which will close cuticles, trapping the moisture and nutrients within. Also, it is always a good idea to use a leave-in conditioner if hair is going to be exposed to the cold and dry winter air! It helps nourish and protect hair from the harsh air outside.

Follow these tricks and you will definitely help retain your hair’s natural beauty! Keeping it healthy and beautiful now just means that, come spring and summer time, your hair will be simply radiant in the sun! But for now, just keep looking forward to all of that snow sure to come our way.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Anthony Dardie: Not "Just a Look"

Earlier this month, we posted this great photo of Anthony Dardie on our Facebook Page to congratulate him on graduating one of our classes. A friend asked of Anthony’s asked if he’s a firefighter. He responded, “..It’s just a look.” But for Anthony, we know that being a part of Barbizon was more than just getting a “look.”

Here at Barbizon, we don’t work to just make someone look this way or that way. We know that the best look is one that is built on confidence and shines from the inside out. This wasn’t missed on Anthony and he sent us an email to let us know it. 

In the 10 weeks I spent in the male modeling class at Barbizon of Akron I've learned a lot. I walked in with the perception that all models were just beautiful people that took pictures and got paid just to look a certain way. In all actuality, however, I learned that the modeling/talent industry is very technical in everything, no matter what it is.

In the modeling class we gathered insight into an industry that (with hard work, dedication, a great personality and attitude) could help you achieve great things and realize great things, not only about the industry itself but it allowed us to look at ourselves and discover things about ourselves and change ourselves. I don’t believe that any male that has walked into, or will walk into that class, will walk out unchanged any way... From watching what you eat, hair/skin care, photo-movement techniques, runway techniques, dressing to impress, voice projection, etc, I think that you'll take something away from this that will help you in your life whether you pursue the industry or not.

I've learned how to dress for success; I know what colors go best with my skin tone and eye color. I smile constantly and confidently because my self esteem is higher, even though I’ve always felt I was confident in anything and everything I've ever done... I even developed some new friendships and relationships. Mr. Mowery was a big help being the instructor as well as being an experienced model himself. I have a better understanding of what to expect in the industry and how to be a professional in the industry and in every day life. The staff was very supportive and friendly no matter who it was or what it was about.

I'd recommend this class to any and every male because it'll change your life and the way you see things. It makes you a more polished person. I'd like to thank Mr. Mowery and Mrs. Evans for teaching us and giving us the tools for success in the 10 weeks the classes went on. Last, but definitely not least, I'd like to thank Barbizon of Akron for allowing me to experience new things and live a life that some people could only dream of. God bless and thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to be a model and whatever else I can be! 

Thank you, Anthony! The greatest payoff in what we do is helping people learn fundamentals to help them succeed in life; not just in front of a camera or on a runway. In our program, Anthony is the rule, not the exception. Everyone has wonderful potential and we just love helping them tap into that! Good luck on all future endeavors, Anthony! You’ve already made us so proud!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Get the Model Look!

For a lot of men and women, young and old alike, looking like a model is an important personal goal. Looking beautiful, looking fit, looking healthy and happy can only boost your confidence which also boosts many different areas in your life. Below we are going to give you some simple tips on how to look like a model so you can find yourself as fierce as the best of them!

Get fit: You don't need to be 90 pounds to look like a model, but you do need to look healthy! Keeping a healthy diet, well hydrated and partaking in regular exercise enhances your mood, keeps skin glowing and allows your body to be in shape to handle just about anything thrown at it; from photo shoots that take hours to doing a presentation in front of your peers, you don't want your body to fail you! If you are happy with your body now, great! Work it! If you are looking for improvements, talk to your doctor so you can arrange a diet and exercise program that would better suit your body and lifestyle.

Be seen: Go out and do fun things! You never know who's watching but if you're smiling, being positive and having a great time, you could make a lasting impression on some people you would have never met otherwise. Plus, what's the point of looking fabulous if no one can see you?

Develop Poise: While there are some models with "poor posture" out there, they are the exception, not the rule! Keeping your shoulders down and back, chin perked up and moving with the grace of a dancer is going to help you appear more confident and will all around flatter your form. Would you want to book the model hunched in her chair or the one standing proudly, filling the room with their great energy? You can practice your posture by walking around the house balancing books perched upon your head.

Have a Style: Mind your style, head to toe. All it takes is some bad hair or a beaten up pair of shoes to wreck an entire outfit. Finding your own personal style is always a plus. If you're wearing clothes that you know and are comfortable in, you are much more confident. Having a look that is consistent will help you stand out and be memorable. Dress as an individual, even if it means you're dressing like everyone else, just make sure you're OWNING it! And remember, clothes should compliment you; make sure you are wearing things that work for your skin tone, height, body type, etc.

Be Confident:
Above all else, be confident! If you don't believe in you, who else will? You can be dressed the best, you could have done your make-up perfectly, your hair may be flawlessly styled, but if you are not confident, it will have all been for nothing. Don't have the confidence today? Practice your poise and fake it until you make it! Confidence is something that can take time and energy to build, but it can be built! Never give up on yourself.

Friday, October 12, 2012

What Not to Eat Before Catching Some Sleep

It's getting late. You know you need some sleep but there is a rumbling in your stomach and only a salty or sweet or salty and sweet snack will satisfy it. You slip on a robe and some fuzzy slipper and march down to the refrigerator. With so many choices, what will you do? Well, you can forget the foods below unless you want to spend your night counting sheep rather than catching sleep!

Chocolate: Chocolate tends to be a cure-all for many of us. I mean, they put it on everything! Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate ice cream, chocolate yogurt... It never ends! With chocolate, your fatigue will also never end. It's packed full of sugar and caffeine that, even in the smallest amount, can jeopardize your sleep. Sure, you might crash later, but don't you want to sleep now?

French Fries: They're warm, they're salty, they're greasy and oh-so-tempting! But, trust us, you don't want them before bed. All of that salt and grease will just sit in your stomach, weighing you down all night. Plus, they can get so messy! You're just asking to get grease all over your hands and face so, right before bed, you're just asking for a break out. If you're really trying to get some rest, forgo the fries. Your stomach will feel better and you won't have to worry about washing all of the grease from your fingers and face to lower your risk of clogged pores.

Beans: Beans have a lot of really great benefits. They're high in fiber, they pack a lot of protein and they are delicious! But, if you want to have a nice, peaceful sleep, beans are your worst energy. When our bodies break them down, we tend to get pretty gassy! Our stomachs can bloat up and cause all kinds of discomfort, not to mention the unmentionable noise problem that could arise.

Spicy Foods: Spicy foods, such as Mexican, Creole or Thai, can be comforting to many of us. But right before bed, they could be nothing but a nightmare! While laying down, the spices and acids heavily in these types of feed are being digested and can sometimes escape back up the esophagus. This causes a bad heartburn that no one could peacefully sleep through. If the discomfort isn't enough to turn you away, a lot of people actually get energy boosts after eating spicy foods, so if you're trying to relax and let sleep overcome you, make sure you overcome your cravings for spice!

Soda: Sodas come in a variety of flavors and colors that are made to fulfill just about any craving. From regular cola to rootbeer, from orange to strawberry, they were made to satisfy. I've even seen a Thanksgiving Gravy soda! Although tasty, sodas are almost always packed with sugars (cane or high fructose corn syrup). Even diet soda are loaded with chemicals that erode teeth and can cause heartburn, not to mention the carbon build up in your stomach which may get a little uncomfortable (yes, soda makes us burp). This is also not to mention that many sodas are also loaded with caffeine. Most suggest cutting soda mid-day if you want to ensure sleep by midnight. 

We hope this little blog helps you through your journey to the kitchen and back to bed! Late night cravings are the absolute worst, so try not to make them even worst by making choices that will jeopardize your ability to get rest at night. After all, male or female, young or old, we all need our beauty sleep!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Dedication pays Off: Kiri Stevens’ Story

At Barbizon of Akron, all of our students come from a wide range of ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Kiri Stevens, one of our graduates, was no exception. But truly, Kiri’s differences shaped him into a person destined for success! 

Born the middle child of three boys, Kiri jokes that he was born overweight. His parents, Stilianos and Angela, immigrated to the United States and have always been in the restaurant business. By the time he was 12, he was already well over 200 pounds. 

After losing his father to skin cancer, Kiri decided that enough was enough and he had to take control of his life. At 424 pounds, he knew that his weight loss journey was going to be a long and strenuous one, but the payoff would be sweeter than anything he could ever ask for. There is no better gift than life, and he knew he had to cash in. 

“It really is a lifestyle and a mindset. My plan was to write everything down. I kept a food log, enrolled in a gym, and changed my eating habits. The key is eat what you want, just small portions and in moderation. Exercise.  
I started using the elliptical machine at the beginning and saw weight drop almost immediately. It encouraged me to add more time everyday. I started with half an hour per day, and added more time as I became stronger and more confident. When I started to get attention from girls I felt awesome, because for so long I was the ‘sweet friend’ and that was tough!” 

Losing ANY amount of weight takes a LOT of dedication. In the end, Kiri lost over 250 pounds and gained so much more! The confidence gained from his life change allowed him to pursue some other dreams he had never before considered; he wanted to act! 

Kiri became involved in local theater groups and began working with Barbizon of Akron to help develop the skills he needed to be successful. Living in Cincinnati, Kiri would drive three hours to go to a four hour class and then make the three hour trek back home. With perseverance like Kiri’s, obstacles are only something to be laughed at. 

Today, Kiri is living in Los Angeles. The move has kept him quite busy as he is constantly getting work! Many credit his success not only on his dedication but his positive attitude and happy demeanor that just fills the room. You can’t help but smile with Kiri around! 

Kiri’s biggest advice: 
The biggest piece of advice I have is to be realistic and to be good to yourself. I will never say, “I can’t” again, because it’s not true… Today should be the day where you say “no more excuses!” 

Friday, September 14, 2012

How to take Up the Make Up: Simple do’s and don’ts to get the best out of your look!

Wearing make up shouldn’t hide who you are it should enhance it! The goal is to minimize your flaws and let your natural beauty shine through when using these great make up tips. 

Do: Apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. Having a gap between your lashes gives a certain “unfinished” look to your make up and having an uneven line, or a line that is randomly floating across your eyelids somewhere is going to throw off the natural shape of your eyes.

Do: Buy a foundation that matches the skin tone on your face exactly. Having an off tone foundation almost guarantees that you’ll have lines when applying your make-up. Foundation is just that, the foundation of your face and you’ll want a stable one for a polished look. Women tend to want to use a darker foundation to help cover flaws, not realizing that one in their same skin tone will do just the trick! Keep in mind for summer many women will go with a slightly darker foundation, if they are out in the sun and getting tan. Also, if possible it is always good to invest in a good foundation from a department store.

Do: Use make up brushes, not the applicators packaged with the make up you buy. Using professional make up brushes help make up glide on better and allow better control for placement. A good brush could mean the difference between raccoon eyes and a well polished, defining smokey eye. You can get a set of good brushes at any of the major department stores.

Do: Be conscious of matte vs. shine make up. In the humid summer, using too much “shine” could make your face look oily or sweaty while in the cooler months it would look dewy and refreshed, like you have a “glow” to you. In the colder months, wearing matte make up can dull your appearance.

Don’t: SHARE MAKE UP!!! It’s hard to do, especially when you want to experiment with different colors or products and don’t want to invest in something you may never wear again but this is one of the worst things you can do you your face. Moist make ups (creams, liners, mascaras, gloss, etc) promote bacterial growth which can cause infections of the skin and eyes. If you really want to try a product or new color out, there are always beauty experts at local malls that can help you out in a controlled and hygienic environment. Also, a good rule of thumb to follow is to throw away any unused make-up every 6 months.

Don’t: Forget to wash your make up brushes, just use light soap and hot water. Brushes can hold onto all kinds of gross bacteria and pathogens, plus, applying new make up while some old make up residue is still in your bristles will cause a dulling of your colors. Taking proper care of brushes will also help them last longer and ensure that your product will go farther too.

Don’t: Overload your mascara. Just a coat or two is plenty, anything over that can start to look messy and clumpy. Applying multiple coats of mascara also kills the shelf life of your mascara. More coats means the bottle is open to air for longer meaning your mascara is going to dry out much quicker. Once your mascara starts clumping after multiple applications, those clumps will make it from your brush and back into the tube compromising smooth application for the next day.

Don’t: Go heavy on lip gloss. You want your lips to have a nice healthy shine, not the appearance of drooling. Keep gloss light and flirty and you’ll also avoid having the gloss clog the pores around your mouth. Nothing is more annoying than having to explain that you have a pimple and not a cold sore!

We could give make up tips all day, but in the end, you are only as beautiful as you feel. Keep your head held high, keep a smile on your face and no one will question that glowing beauty pouring out from within! Remember, make up or no make up, you are beautiful!

Friday, August 31, 2012

From North Canton to New York; Marissa Irwin has it all!

In our line of work, there is no batter payoff than seeing one of our talents realizing their potential and running with it. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing their success as they blossom into their niche. Marissa Irwin has done just that!

Marissa was originally struggling with confidence issues after undergoing some physical and medical obstacles in her life. She felt like she wasn’t the beautiful woman that she wanted to be. At her mother’s suggestion, she decided to involve herself in something positive to boost her esteem. She soon enrolled into Barbizon of Akron’s training center to gain confidence and excelled in the female modeling and personal development programs.

After graduating the program, Marissa signed with Pro Model & Talent Management and decided to pursue the national/ international market. “I thought it was my chance to model on a bigger level, meet new people, see new things and make great money,” she said.

When asked if she ever thought she would become a model, she enthusiastically replied: “No! Absolutely not!”  She credits her instructors at Barbizon for teaching her how to walk and move in front of the camera in addition to helping her with posture and manners and especially how to audition. The thing she is most thankful for learning is how to carry herself in regular day-to-day life.

You can now see Marissa in magazines, print ads, special events in the entertainment community, on television, and she’s even broken through to the big screen! Making it big isn’t easy and Irwin has showed us how possible it is to make your dream a reality. We have already seen great things from Marissa Irwin and are excited to see just how far she will go! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Are you being bullied? We can help!

Bullying has become a national epidemic. Every time that we log on to Google News or tune in to CNN, we see that tragedy has struck yet another victim of bullying. Bullying exists everywhere; at school, at work, at home… Sometimes, the biggest bully can be the person staring right back at you in the mirror!

At Barbizon, we help young people and adults build the confidence they need to stand up for themselves, to see themselves in a “true” light. No matter what size you are, or how you look, you already have everything within you to be the person that you would like to be. Model people are not born, they are made. They know how to accentuate the wonderful gifts they have or the skills they have learned, and how to accept and minimize their flaws. We find no greater joy than showing people how to “rock what they’ve got,” and once you can be that comfortable, there is nothing you cannot do and no one that can bring you down.

Many people see “Barbizon” and think “modeling.” They immediately think of the fashion and catalog models and let a great opportunity pass them by. Modeling is not just for photo shoots or runways; modeling is for everyday life! Just about every single day that we are on this Earth we are meeting new people and we never know what opportunities could stem from simply bumping into someone in the check-out line. So, wouldn’t you like to know how to “model” the “best you” while you are out tackling the world?

People of all ages, all size and shapes and all backgrounds come to Barbizon for many different things. Some come to find out about modeling and acting on the local level while others come for the esteem boost of learning how to “look like a model.” Some come to learn how to best deal with bullying, while others use this as an exercise in learning more about themselves. Many adults come to us to work on their business finishing skills, like how to interview for jobs, public speaking and how to better communicate with those around you. Many of our clients work with us so they can become better lawyers, doctors, professors, etc. as they take the skills they learn here and apply them to their everyday lives.

To us, at Barbizon, we feel that every one of our clients is a model. Our models are not followers, they are leaders. They believe in breaking the mold, not getting hung up on what others think of them, and they truly “own” themselves. They are not into the negative influences out there (drugs, drinking, etc) and are positive role models to their friends, family and community. Like we said before, everything you need to be the best you is already inside of you. Let us help you find it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduate Lorinda Irby Shoots With Altercare!

Barbizon of Akron graduate and listed model with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt., Lorinda Irby, was recently hand-selected by the folks over at Altercare for a recent photoshoot for some of their new products.

Lorinda is a veteran on working in front of the camera. That being said, when she steps on set, she really knows how to turn it on and give the client exactly what they're looking for. She knows that the sllightest movement can make the difference for a dynamite photo!

Lorinda learned from the stellar industry training she received at the Barbizon of Akron. Just like with a dance recital or even a basketball game, you don't go out there and perform without practice and knowledge in your chosen field.

Lorinda is called back and remembered by clients because of her skill set in this industry, in addition to her bubbly personality!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on Barbizon of Akron's Rising Photography Star Janaya Smith

Many of you that follow the Barbizon of Akron blog may remember Janaya Smith from a previous feature we did on her. She is now getting ready to graduate from the very highly acclaimed Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts. This past week her final portfolio was due and we wanted to share with you that Janaya just found out ; “portfolio accepted”!

Janaya said they absolutely loved my work and raved over it! Then she went out and spent a day in May at the very prestigious Hearst Corporation in studio D, a very large New York City photographer’s studio. Janaya was even invited back this fall to do an internship there and she is definitely considering this option as she feels that it could be a great place for her.

Attending a national/international convention is what got Janaya interested in telling stories and creating moments, and it was actually during a photoshoot that she thought of photography becoming an option as a possible career.  

Modeling and acting training can take people in a whole different direction than what they originally thought. We are showcasing some of Janaya’s work here as it is fantastic. We are also showcasing a picture we took and then one Janaya recently took of herself as a self portrait.

Janaya is someone who has had to overcome many obstacles in her young life and she is someone who should be an inspiration to us all. As Janaya puts it: “I have a strong will to do whatever and keep pushing my limits.” A true testament to her dedication to her craft and apirations for the future.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Barbizon of Akron's Briana Lehman Win's $100,000 College Scholorship from Barbizon and is Off to College In the Fall!

Barbizon of Akron graduate, Briana Lehman, won Barbizon's $100,000 college scholorship in 2010. Now that Briana has graduated High School this year, we wanted to give you an update and share her thoughts now on receiving the scholorship and her plans for college. Briana's mother Cheryl also shared with us her thoughts on her daughters endless opportunities and bright future.

Briana applied and was accepted to a very prestigious college in Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University for which she will be leaving in August. She has recently returned to Ohio after attending her college orientation and said she just loved the school. Here is what Briana had to say about what she thinks about winning the scholorship now; "The scholorship made it possible to go to school and live long-term in one of the greatest cities in the world for modeling and acting. Without the Barbizon scholorship I would never have had the opportunity to even look at schools out here." Briana went on to say she is "so grateful and happy to be living the life I've always dreamed. I am very excited to see where my life takes me, all thanks to the Barbizon scholorship."

Briana's mother Cheryl chimed in and gave us a parents perspective on what the scholorship means to her and what it was like to share this big moment in Briana's life. "While Briana was at her two-day student orientation, I attended the concurrent parent orientation. Parents [at the orientation] were given so much helpful information. It is a very expensive, private university and a great deal of time was spent discussing payments, financial aid, and loans. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have to try to pay for this school."

Cheryl told us that without the Barbizon scholorship she doesn't think Briana would have even applied to her dream school and would have most likely selected a state school that would fit their budget more comfortably. Cheryl says the scholorship "has really opened up the world to [Briana]."

We at Barbizon of Akron couldn't be more proud that because of the scholorship Briana was awarded, she is now able to chase her dreams out in Los Angeles. We are looking forward to great things from this beautiful and intelligent young lady with a future filled with endless possibilities.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Alumn Kayley Stallings Is Taking Hollywood By Storm!

Kayley Stallings is an actress in Hollywood who is originally from Hebron, Ohio. Kayley is someone who started in Barbizon of Akron's children’s division and then moved onto Los Angeles to pursue the national market.

You may have seen Kayley in movies like, 'The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation' and 'The Dog Who Saved Halloween'.
She also has booked several national commercials for companies like AT&T, McDonalds, and her ever popular Daisy sour cream commerical. 

We love to watch the children who get their start at Barbizon of Akron, move on to bigger markets and do all kinds of fun things.

Kayley originally attended a children’s search just like the one we are having on June 30th. Kayley took our recommendations and the rest, so too speak, is history!!!! We can't wait to see what kinds of projects she'll do next, but we at Barbizon of Akron are sure she'll always be a bright and shining star!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Praise From A Barbizon of Akron Graduate's Mother

Barbizon has been a household name for over 70 years now. People of all ages come to Barbizon of Akron for help with many things; ranging from training on the runway, help with makeup and hair, learning how to audition and acting techniques.

In addition, Barbizon of Akron helps many teens deal with all of the negative things that are out there today; bullying and peer pressure just to name a few. The list, and ways Barbizon can help improve your life for the better, is endless.

Barbizon of Akron graduate Ariel Bodman is doing some truly amazing things in her life and her mother, Amy Barlowe Bodman, wanted to let Barbizon of Akron know just how much we've helped her daughter along the way.

Mrs. Bodman said of her decision to enroll Ariel in classes at Barbizon of Akron: "Now that our daughter has graduated and moved to NYC, I am constantly reminded that enrolling her in casses at the Barbizon of Akron was definately one of the best things we could have done for her."

She also stated that with the training, the knowledge she gained at Barbizon of Akron has "been absolutely invaluable to her career as a soprano in Early Music and her work in the film industry. Not only has the knowledge she gained from the wonderful teachers at Barbizon given her a great advantage in her fields, but it built her self confidence to an extent that has enabled her to pursue her dreams with continued success."

We at Barbizon of Akron could not be more proud of Ariel and her success and we wish her nothing less than triumph over any goal she sets out to achive. We are grateful that we can assist young people in raising their self confidence to a level that allows them to see that anything is possible with belief in yourself and Ariel is a true testament to that.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Selected as Fit Models for Local Boutique!

Barbizon of Akron gradutes are often called upon to do all kinds of modeling, since they are known for being well-prepared and knowledgable about the industry. Just-Funky, is a privately owned boutique out of Wooster, Ohio and they were in the market for some fit models.

Fit Models are basically live mannequins for clothing designers. The client will dress the model of a specific size in let’s say, a medium, to make sure that the shirt they want to label is in fact a 'true medium' and to see how it fits on someone of the appropriate size.

The client chose Barbizon of Akron graduate's, and now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent, Sarah Jones and Margaret Drude for this round of Fit Modeling, we’re sure they’ll be requesting more Barbizon of Akron graduates to get the very best models in all shapes and sizes!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Suit Up For Dick's Sporting Goods!

In getting a jump start on this year’s Fall Football Fashions, Dick’s Sporting Goods selected Barbizon of Akron graduates and now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt., David Marcum and Harry Durrah, to be featured in upcoming ad's for their new football gear. The guys suited up in full football glory to showcase what Dick's Sporting Goods will have to offer this season!

This was David’s first shoot with Dick’s Sporting Goods and he reported back that he had a blast at the shoot.

This was Harry’s second time shooting with Dick’s Sporting Goods for their football gear so it just goes to show what a great first impression can result in…callbacks!

Barbizon of Akron graduates are well-trained and extremely prepared when showing up to a set, and thats exactly what our clients are looking for when selecting models!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Grads Land A Shoot For A Candy Company!

Barbizon of Akron graduates , and now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent Management, Bill Walko, McKenna Dowd, Donna Recktenwalt, Jon Tosino, Karen Williams and Taj Render were all selected from a pool of models/talent to do a shoot for Atkinson Candies.

They were looking to showcase some their newest sweets and update their advertisment booth that they set up at trade shows!

Our models will be seen in their advertisements at stores, trade shows and online as Atkinson Candies rolls out a new line of candies!

The client reported back that they all did a spectacular job and that's sure to shine through in their colorful new advertisments. Congrats on a job well done!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Inspiring and Uplifting Story About One of Barbizon of Akron's Alums

Barbizon of Akron alum Janaya Smith started with Barbizon of Akron when she was about 13 years old. Janaya then attended an IMTA convention. While Janaya had offers in LA. she and her family decided to stay in Ohio.

After graduating High School Janaya was accepted into the very prestigious Hallmark Institute of photography in Massachusetts. Now there are many amazing things about this young lady including the fact that Janaya has a disability, although I don’t think Janaya or anyone who knows her would ever think that she was disabled!! She has accomplished so much; she should be an inspiration to all of us, that there are no limits.  

We find that people come to Barbizon of Akron for all different reasons. Some come to model and act or to find out about modeling and acting, and many young people today come because they need help dealing with the bullying and all the negative things teens have to deal with today.

Barbizon of Akron is as proud of our people who work in front of the camera as we are of our people who decide that while they love this industry their passion is really for behind the camera/scenes. We always say who knows more of what it is like to be in front of the camera than a model or actor, so of course they have added insight into what they do behind the camera!!! Janaya is one of those people…while she looks magnificent in front of the camera the work she is doing as a photographer is pretty amazing. Everyone should check out her web-site  excellent work. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Team Up For An Old-Fashioned Shoe Shine Promotion!

Barbizon of Akron graduates and now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent, Jessica Blaine and Lisa Huendorf, teamed up for a client of ours at the Carter Lumber Show which was held at the John S. Knight Center in Akron.

The client was looking for models to work at his ‘old-fashioned shoe-shine booth’ located in the heart of the convention center.

Top lumber exec’s form all over came and had their shoes shined up by the lovely Jessica and Lisa. The girls shined their shoes while the client talked up the exec’s and tried to pick up their business.

Our promotional models know what they’re doing and how to bring in customers to sell any product under the sun, due in large part to thei stellar traingin at Barbizon of Akron. The client was very pleased with their ability and professionalism.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Grad Gets Another Shoot Under His Belt!

Barbizon of Akron Graduate and now listed model with Pro-Model & Talent Management Ryan Hairston was selected from a pool of kids to do a shoot for Children’s Hospital in Akron.

This wasn’t Ryan’s first photoshoot and that was apparent as the client reported back that Ryan was super easy to work with and really knew what he was doing on set.

Ryan has worked with clients like Dick's Sporting Goods in the past in which he was featured in their magalog and as a life sized version of himself on some of their in-store signage.

Ryan’s mom, Tanisha, said Ryan had a great time at the shoot and was surprised how at ease her son was in front of the camera, thanks to his extensive training at Barbizon of Akron.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's Trending for Spring and Summer 2012 in Fashion!

Put some spring in your step with 2012’s top fashion trends for the spring and summer season! Try out any of these three new fashion trends for a fresh, bold new look:

Look One: Color Blocking
Essentially, color blocking is a technique where in creating a garment the designers sew together multiple types of fabric in multiple types of bold colors in pieces - creating one brilliant piece! Color blocking has been around for ages but is now making its way back onto the runways. Choose a dress made up of this color blocking technique and you’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck, not to mention turn a lot of heads.

Look Two: Super Bold Prints
Bold prints have been knocking out the runways recently. For a knock out look of your own, try a pair of bold/solid colored skinnies with a bold printed lite jacket or blouse. Think bold, brightly colored floral’ s and graphics. If you’re feeling extra bold, switch it up and pair a solid colored top with boldly printed skinny jeans!

Look Three: Neon, Neon, Neon
As you can see, it’s all about boldness and bright colors right now. Well the biggest color trend of the season is neon. Yes, neon, like 80’s neon. You can already see this trend seeping into the displays at malls near you. Enriching your wardrobe with these neon colors will not only have you looking like you’re ready for summer - but you’ll feel it too. Whether it be a great neon colored top, purse, blazer or even a pair of heels, you can’t help but smile while wearing this stand out color - it’s an instant wow-factor.

Blocks of color, bold prints or bright neon, they all are back in full force and aren’t giving up their tight grip on what’s trending in fashion for spring and summer 2012. Utilizing any of these fashion trends this year is going to make you stand out in a crowd so start stocking up that wardrobe now!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Barbizon of Akron Graduate Lands A Shoot With Dick's Sporting Goods!

Barbizon of Akron graduate and now listed model with Pro-Model & Talent Management, Allie Jenkins was selected recently for a ”backyard game” shoot for Dick's Sporting Goods.

Allie was able to add some competitive fun to her shoot at Dick’s Sporting Goods by joining in an exciting game of the Ultimate Bean Bag Toss.

Allie will be seen on two different product packaging ads and is excited to pick up a game or two for her and her family. Not only to show off her picture on the packaging to friends, but to also add to her fun backyard games!

Barbizon of Akron gradutes are knowledgeable and efficient in this industry because of their extensive training. Clients love to work with Barbizon of Akron graduates due to this knowledge beacuse it makes them super easy to work with.

Look for Allie on the Ultimate Bean Bag Toss packaging next time your out at your local Dick's Sporting Goods!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barbizon Alumnus Brian Byrnes is a Veteran in the Commercial Game!

For those of you who follow the career of Barbizon of Akron alumnus Brian Byrnes, he has added two more national commercials to his already very impressive list. You can still see Brian in a number of the Target commercials that are airing today, in addition to many of his other video’s that have now been put on YouTube.

Our favorite commercial to date featuring our very own Brian Byrnes, is the CISCO commercial where Brain ends up sporting a Mohawk at the end of the paper scissors commercial. You can see Brian acting out two very different characters in a couple of his most recent commercials for Volkswagen and Kitchen Aide.

Over the years Brian has really perfected his acting skills by continuing to take acting classes and boy have those classes paid off; Brian is able to switch character at a drop of the hat, which has resulted in him landing in a long list of great commercials.

We asked Brian about the money he makes in national commercials…he shared with us that for one Crown Royal commercial he made 120K, yes you read that right 120K for one commercial, needless to say Brain says “I loved that commercial”… What is not to love!

The way Brian is going we are sure we will have even more news to report on very soon! What commercials will we see him in next?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Team Up With Pet Supplies Plus for a Promotional Event!

Dog lovers this one’s for you. Our promotional guys and gals were out at local Pet Supplies Plus stores throughout the area interacting with our four legged friends. While our four legged friends loved the samples of Bil-Jac dog food our staff handed out, their two legged owners wanted to grab one of the brochures our staff had that was full of coupons!

Our extremely pulled together promotional models were out in full force for this promotion, so we can’t list every model, but here are a handful of the models that got to participate in this super fun event: Paige Helman, Sierra Burleson, Dean Miller, James Brooks, Alex DeCuzzi, Emily Hauser, Tiffany Stanek, Heather Baker, Lennon Brooks, Josh Moyer, Kelsey Shearer, Emily Moore, and Haley Coles.

The client reported back that they were very happy with all of the models as they all looked great, were very personable and were able to talk knowledgably about the products. Models can’t stand back and throw samples at people; they have to have stellar communication skills to be able to interact with the consumers and that's where the models training from Barbizon of Akron came in handy! Great job to all- you made many dogs very happy!