Monday, October 31, 2011

Fashion Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Jacket For This Fall/Winter Season!

With the Fall/Winter season quickly approaching the most important piece of your wardrobe becomes your jacket and/or coat. The following are some do's and dont's when it comes to picking out the perfect jacket that will keep you warm while still complimenting your figure:

Don't pick a double-breasted jacket. The symmetrical lines of buttons down the front do nothing for your figure except make it appear that you have no figure at all. Instead, pick a jacket with a tailored waist. If its tailored at the waist the jacket will automatically flare out over your hips. Adding a belt or sash to the waist of a tailored jacket like this will show-off your curves rather than hide them, and if you don't have curves at all well, now you do!

The most important thing to remember is not to pick a jacket or coat with a straight-cut to it. Pick something that will accentuate the waist and don't be afraid to add accessories! Just because it's getting colder out doesn't mean you can't remain fashionable throughout the winter season!

Barbizon Of Akron Grads Shoot On Location For Dick's Sporting Goods

Barbizon of Akron graduates, Kevin Coleman & Chad Becka, did a series of basketball shots for Dick’s Sporting Goods. The guys got to shoot on location at the beautiful Sewickley Academy in PA. Sewickley is the oldest private academy in Pittsburg.

You will be able to see both Kevin & Chad in a number of advertisements for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Both Kevin & Chad booked their assignment due to their skill on a basketball court, in addition to their knowledge about working in front of a camera that they gained here at Barbizon of Akron. Great job guys!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Become 'AXE Angels' For Promotional Events

For all of you guys and gals who are fans of the very popular “AXE” fragrance line you want to watch for our “AXE Angels” as they are out in Sam’s Clubs throughout Ohio. AXE has our “Angels” out promoting their summer line of AXE products and following that they began kicking off their back to school events.

AXE uses our promotional models (AXE Angels) to pass out thousands of their scent cards to shoppers. Our “Angels” love doing the AXE promotions as everyone at the store shopping enjoys talking to them and getting the scent cards and coupons!

We can’t list all of our models that are at these events as it would take up a whole page, but here are a few of the Angels that are out and about at Sam’s Clubs throughout Ohio: Julia Staab, Marina Taylor, Emily Hauser & Marissa Ward.

Promotional work is a wonderful way for our Barbizon of Akron graduates & now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent, to make some great extra money!

When a client hires Pro-Model & Talents promotional models they know that they are getting someone who is a professional, has a current, fashionable, pulled together image in addition to stellar communication & public speaking skills.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Barbizon Of Akron Graduate Haley Bennett Cast Opposite Christian Bale In New Film!

Barbizon of Akron graduate Haley Bennett, originally from Stow, Ohio has graced the covers of countless international magazines and has been featured in numerous major motion pictures along-side some of the greatest names in Hollywood.

Well, she is back at it again in an upcoming film by famed contemporary director, Terrence Malick, who directed such films as The Thin Red Line.

Malick is widley known for selecting relitively unknown actresses to star in his films and when he's finished with them they get launched into bright careers in Hollywood. His films and choices for the lead female roles, have catapulted many careers including actress Sissy Spacek in the hit movie Badlands.

Bennett will be starring opposite Christian Bale in Malick's newest film and while as of yet little is known about the project, the internet world is already buzzing.

We can't wait to hear more about the project and are certain that this will undoubtably be one of the most talked about films of 2012. Pretty impressive for a girl from Ohio!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barbizon Of Akron Grads Get Down To Business With A Shoot For Proforma

ProForma is a top supplier of promotional, print, ecommerce and multimedia needs and is located right in Independence, Ohio.

Barbizon of Akron graduates and now listed models Paul Mowery, Haedin Delarec, Marlin Jones and Dan Turner all did a photoshoot for ProForma that went extremely well.

The guys represented company owners, customers, and business professionals in a business to business setting. Paul, Haedin, Marlin & Dan all did such a great job you will be able to see them in various ProForma literature, written communications and display ads that reflect a great deal of their business offerings.

The models reported back to the Agency that they had a great deal of fun at this shoot as the photographer was so easy to work with. The photographer and client also reported back that the guys were all professional and knew exactly what to do in front of the camera, as a result the entire shoot only took a few hours.

Needless to say that made the client extremely happy! And happy clients are always good as that means that they will utilize Barbizon of Akron graduates that are nowlisted with Pro-Model & Talent in the future when they need additional models!