Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Barbizon of Akron graduates promote healthy living & family vaules with the YMCA

The YMCA of the USA booked graduates from Barbizon of Akron, and now listed models with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. for a print job promoting healthy living and family values.

You can see Dr. John Tosino & Ricky Hoskins in numerous fitness themed shots. Miguel Ocasio, Frankie Ralston, Harjinder Singh and Dr. Marisha Agana then did a whole series of more family themed shots.

We heard back from the client that they were very impressed with all of the models; all were professional and knew exactly what to do once they were on set.

You are going to be able to see all of these models on their website and on advertisements within local YMCA locations.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Barbizon of Akron Graduates To Appear In Local Business's Brochures and On Their Website

Barbizon of Akron graudates: Dan Turner, Sandhya Chandel, Brandon Baker and Brenda Boyajian did a photoshoot for a series of ads to be used by BASF Construction Chemicals in Beachwood. The shoot took place in one of their labs in Cleveland where Dan, Sandhya, Brandon and Brenda all portrayed scientists who were busy at work in their lab.

The shoot was a huge success and the pictures will be used in advertising, brochures and on the BASF Construction Chemicals website.