Thursday, April 14, 2011

Short Film Scheduled For Release This Summer Features Barbizon Of Akron Graduate

Jason Knotts, started his career at Barbizon of Akron in 2006; shortly after Jason graduated from the Barbizon of Akron program he listed with Pro-Model & Talent Management right here in Akron, Ohio! Since then Jason has taken his talent to New York City where he has furthered his training/education in the industry and is now a graduate of the very prestigious New York School for Film and Television.

We are excited to announce that Jason just finished filming a short film called "Crossed", directed by Frederic Van Zandycke, scheduled for release this summer.

"Crossed" takes place in Belgium, London and New York City, showing how two completely different people’s paths cross because they have made the same mistakes. Two men decide to leave and start a new life far away from home. They have no idea what kind of consequences this decision will bring. This is a story of how families can be ripped apart and reunited again.

Check out one of Barbizon of Akron and Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt's own, Jason Knotts, this summer in the drama "Crossed".