Thursday, March 31, 2011

Teen Graduates of Barbizon of Akron Put The Skills They Learned To Use At A Video Shoot... Earning Them A Pretty Penny!!

A graduate of Barbizon of Akron, the very handsome Malcolm Keenon, who is now listed with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. wrapped up shooting a video segment with Access Video that will be used in High School Physics labs throughout Ohio.

Malcolm had to portray a student that was being directed through a basic science lab by a scientist. The client asked that Malcolm only use facial and body movements to convey what they were wanting to portray in the video... so no scripts or line memorization for Malcolm. In order to do what the client had requested though, Malcolm had to use his personality and the skills he learned at Barbizon of Akron when it came to facial expressions and working on-camera.

The client followed up with the Agency and said Malcolm was a joy to work with and he did an excellent job of following directions on set. As a result this handsome 17 year-old made over $500.00 for the shoot and has been requested back for yet another video segment!

Malcolm will be joined by five other Barbizon of Akron graduates, now listed with Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. (Allie Jenkins, Chad Becka, Anthony Quinones, Briana Lehman, and Megan Hang) for a two day shoot for a team building video, earning Malcolm and the other teenagers a pretty penny!