Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Barbizon of Akron's tips for Thrift store shopping

We hear the same story from our Barbizon Of Akron graduates all the ultimate thrift store fail… have you ever purchased an amazing outfit from the “$1.00 a pound pile”, and less than 5 minutes later you discover a little hole at the bottom of it…YIKES!

Follow these five simple steps and you, along with all of our Barbizon Of Akron alumi, can rest assured your next thrift store find isn’t damaged goods in disguise.

1. Examine ALL goods - look at each piece, up & down and front to back.
2. Turn inside out - check the lining and inside of the pockets too.
3. Check the hardware - play with a couple pieces to see if they easily fall off.
4. Get up close & personal - scratch and sniff…If the piece is a bit dirty or smelly, chances are that old grime is there to stay and won’t wash out.
5. Looking for something vintage? Look for a union tag that is usually attached to the inside seam. A union tag is proof that the piece was produced and supported by a clothing union, which existed in the US before the boom of clothing production beginning in the 1980’s.

Now if you skip a step here or there and wind-up purchasing a piece that you didn’t look over closely, don’t jump the gun and throw that garment in the trash – there may be hope for a great outfit yet! Log onto and check out how one girl took on the challenge of turning a $1.00 assortment into treasures with a little creativity.

One woman’s unwanted garment becomes another one’s wardrobe.... Happy Shopping!