Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Barbizon of Akron Shares Skincare Tips for Getting That Models Glow!


Throughout these colder months we ALL experience changes in our skin. Make sure you are stocking up on moisturizer (for your skin type), ALWAYS use sunscreen (yes, even in the fall/winter), and GIRLS make sure you are aware of the changes in your skin tone. Your undertone changes as the seasons change and you need to apply the colors that compliment your features and skin tone the best! So as the seasons change be sure to select your cosmetic products according to what is recommended for your skin type AND tone. Before you buy, make sure you take time to read the labels, most products are labeled with the information on what skin type they are best suited for.

And remember… When caring for your face always use gentle motions smoothing upward and outward, drink plenty of water to rid your skin of toxins, and know your skin type before purchasing any products/cosmetics:

Normal: Has no shine and clear tone. Soft and supple, but not greasy.
Oily: Very shiny with visibly enlarged pores.
Dry: No shine. Has flaky or dry patches. Thin skin tone.
Combination: Oily in the T-zone area. Normal to dry in other areas.
Sensitive: Has acne flare-ups when using cosmetic products.

Take care of your skin,
and get that healthy GLOW for months to come!