Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barbizon of Akron alumi promote KASHI foods

Get ready to get educated on how to eat healthy and get a good old dose of fiber in your diet! For those of you not familiar with products made by Kashi, Kashi believes that it’s more than products in packages-it’s a way of life. Kashi is about embracing & living your best life. The great thing about it is they have hired our professional, pulled together and knowledgeable promotional workers who are now listed with Pro-Model & Talent! All of the Barbizon of Akron alumi were excited to get out to over 35 Kroger stores throughout the ENTIRE state of Ohio to spread the word on the health-conscious snacks and cereals by the well-known brand. Not only will our guys and gals have lots of information about the yummy protein and fiber filled snacks they will also be sneaking you a sample or two. You can talk to Karen, Alexa, Laura, Devon, Jahvonty, Jessica, Kristin, Kim and many others who are Barbizon of Akron graduates now listed with Pro-Model & Talent for the scoop!