Monday, December 20, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Students & Graduates Now Listed With Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. Were Booked For A Large Hair Show In Columbus!

Every year Ohio hosts the Mid-American Beauty Show; this is one of the largest professional hair shows in this area, it draws in thousands of salons, stylists, and owners. Matrix plays a very large role in this show, as they are one of the largest manufacturers of professional beauty products. Many internationally known stylists come in from all over the world for this so that they can show the patrons the latest and greatest in cuts, colors, and styles.

Matrix hired 14 of Pro-Model & Talent’s models that are students and/or have graduated from Barbizon of Akron for the show this year. Not only did the models get paid extremely well, they all received new cuts and colors to boot!

The Barbizon students/graduates that were cast as “professional models” in the show were paid nearly $800.00 for 3 days of work, in addition to receiving wonderful products to keep their new cuts and colors styled like the pros. The models that were used as “technical models” received $100.00 a day, along with Matrix products for being a part of the training for the stylists!

The girls walked away with great new looks, products and
a great paycheck!
Not bad for a weekends work!