Thursday, December 9, 2010

Barbizon Of Akron graduates Dan Lancy, Jodie Coffey and Janine Sarnowski featured in Wayside Furniture commercial

Locally owned Wayside Furniture utilized the very talented Dan Lancy, Jodie Coffey and Janine Sarnowski for some new Wayside Furniture TV commercials. You cannot miss Jodie as she opens the commercial by coming down a beautiful stairway dressed in an evening gown and pearls; she meets her husband at the bottom of the steps where he is dressed much more casually in Indians garb. This commercial is sure to grab everyone’s attention, while they will surely chuckle as they watch it. Then Janine who plays another customer has Dan, the Wayside delivery man, move her trash cans around before bringing her new furniture in her house. All in all, this talented trio had a great time filming these 2 commercials. Even better, Jodie was on set for a day and a half and made over $1,000.00 for dressing up and having fun. Dan and Janine were on set for much less time and still walked away with over $300.00!