Monday, December 27, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Graduate Has A Busy Month Modeling In New York City!

Barbizon of Akron's very own International fashion model, Marissa Irwin, from N. Canton is a regular on our blog spot; The reason for that is this young lady continues to stay very busy in NEW YORK CITY!!

Marissa always keeps us updated with some of the fun and exciting assignments that she's booked for and this posting is going to have several of you wanting to walk in Marissa's shoes for a month!

Marissa shared with us that she did an assignment with John Varvatos, the very famous rock n’ roll designer, and had the opportunity to rub elbows with some great celebrities and sport figures including: ZZ Top, Adrian from the TV show “Entourage”, Iman, Tyson Beckford, Eric McCormack from “Will and Grace”, Chris Brown, Serena Williams, and Jimmy Kimmel, to name a few!

If that is not impressive enough, Marissa has also been working as a fit model for Ralph Lauren, as she is literally the "perfect size" for his clothes. When she’s not working for Ralph Lauren, Marissa is doing in-store presentations/informal runway shows for Bloomingdales at a number of their New York stores.

Last but not least, for those of you that watch “The View” back in October, Marissa appeared on their Halloween episode, where she dressed as the beautiful Madonna!

Pretty impressive for only 1 month!