Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Graduates/Pro-Model & Talent Promotional Girls Are Out In Force At Sam's Clubs All Over Ohio!

PERSONALITY! PERSONALITY! PERSONALITY! Ah! ‘Tis true my friends that our lovely Dove gals are out and at it again! They are spreading the word throughout the state about all the wonderful and moisture rich products that the great line of Dove has to offer. All of our ladies have been well-trained on the benefits of the wonderful products and want to introduce you to the best creams, serums, and soaps that will make your skin healthy and beautiful. We continue to do more work with Dove as they find our promotional models not only have great personalities but they are confident, pulled together and have a working knowledge of our industry! Who can give you the skinny on this fabulous line? Barbizon of Akron graduates, that are now listed with Pro-Model & Talent...Sharde, Nicole, Roseann, Celeste, Terri, Tymira, Megan and many, many more! So pull out your Sam’s Club memberships and go check out the great samples our girls have to share. They are all out in force at Sam’s Clubs all over Ohio.