Monday, June 7, 2010

Listen UP! Chance for Barbizon of Akron Students to Win a Trip to LA

Attention all awesome and talented Barbizon of Akron students and grads! Boy do we have an awesome opportunity for you!!! We know that the majority of our fabulous students dabble a bit with dancing, singing, and over all big dreaming and want to give you the opportunity to showcase your talent and simultaneously win a free trip to Los Angeles to walk the red carpet and get the super star treatment! Did we pique your interest yet?! Thought so!

This July a fabulous movie called, " Standing Ovation" will be released on the big screen. The film centers around the trials and tribulations of an all-girl singing group that is competing to win a national music video contest with a One Million dollar prize! So what does this have to do with you? Well, Barbizon has teamed up with the producers of the movie to extend an extra special opportunity to all Barbizon students and grads in which YOU can compete to create a music video of your own with your closest gal pals for the chance to win a trip to LA to walk the red carpet at the premiere, meet the cast, go to an after-party at Universal Studios AND as the chosen winner you will be guaranteed a role in the movie's sequel. How sweet is that?! So what are you waiting for??? log onto: You only have until June 27th, 2010 though so start producing your video now for a chance to win a FABULOUS prize and a chance to make an appearance in a feature film.