Thursday, April 29, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Grads Take Over the Pages of Improvement's Catalog

Improvements Catalog couldn’t get enough of our great Barbizon of Akron Grads this past month!!! In preparation for their Spring/Summer editions, our client needed to utilize several of our faces! Juanita for instance was booked for a two day shoot where one day she shot in studio and other other on location! Mindy Cooper was booked as well and had a terrific time lounging in a water chair and water noodle in order to get just the right shot!! Our little one Vivienne Cisar was called upon as well for a girly shoot featuring her doing it up at a “girls only” tea party complete with mini tea set! HOW CUTE! If you can believe it, we’re not done yet!! Our other talent, Morgan and Erin played pool table tennis and got to shoot in a pool, while sweetie Corey Clemens showed up on set to play with a make-believe dog – our sweetie pie did a terrific job improvising especially since he was supposed to have a REAL doggie to work with! And finally, Rebekah Toussant was on hand for two shots… One garden scene and one where she was featured poolside as well donning a swimsuit! We love staying busy and so does our talent! Can’t wait for more to come!