Monday, April 12, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Grad Briana Lehman, Winner of a $100,000.00 College Scholarship Tells ALL!

Beginning as a biannual program in 1992, The Barbizon International Scholarship program became an annual program in 2007 in order to accomodate an increasing number of applicants. To date, Barbizon has awarded $900,000.00 in college scholarships and this year we are proud to announce that local young lady Briana Lehman from North Ridgeville, and a sophomore at North Ridgeville High School, is the 2010 winner! Lehman is a stellar student with a 4.3 Grade Point Average and she's talented to boot – playing volleyball, not only for school but also for the junior olympics. Miss. Lehman who has dreams of attending a top-ranked university, now has the opportunity to fulfill her aspirations as a result of this scholarship.

“I have always worried about the money involved with going to college. I didn’t want to tell my mom where I really wanted to go, because I didn’t think that it was realistic. Now, I can go to NYU or any of the Ivy League schools, that I have always wanted to go to but didn’t think I would be able to! I don’t have to worry about the money any more which means I can focus on my studying and grades.”

Briana credits much of her self-confidence and ambition to the experience that she had with Barbizon of Akron. Barbizon of Akron, taught her the importance of saying no to peer pressure, cultivating a better sense of poise and general presence, and of course developing a competitive edge. Lehman says, “Barbizon of Akron pulled it all together for me. Now I know how to go into any job interview and [handle myself]… Barbizon helped me prepare for the real world and put me ahead of the pack!”

Briana’s mother also attributes her daughter’s strong sense of character and self–esteem to Barbizon of Akron. “[Barbizon of Akron] helps teens develop self-confidence, self esteem, and the strength of character to be able to stand up to the peer presssure that is out there today. [Barbizon Graduates] realize that they have a future and that they have the confidence to stand up to the pressure… Barbizon gave Briana the whole package: She’s a great student, self-confident, she can think on her feet, and when she walks into the room people take notice of her”

Barbizon of Akron is proud to be part of a company that supports the success and education of our young people. It is undeniable that the Barbizon International scholarship program makes a HUGE difference in the lives of so many of it's recipients and families of the recipients. We wish Briana NOTHING but success!!!