Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Barbizon Grad Katie Watkins BUSY in LA

WOO HOO! Our talented girl Katie is zipping around LA booking gigs, auditioning, and overall becoming a success in the industry these days! Our girl has taken a lead in four independent films, a supporting role in another film, a LEAD in a pilot called "Sleepless on Sunset", and in April, she'll be filming another supporting role in a short film! WHOA! What else is cool? Katie's beau is an actor too and has been in several big name films like: "Band of Brothers," "Basketball Diaries," "Hook," among many others... Now, however he's making his directorial debut for his first short film titled: "Baby Bomber" that will debut at the Cleveland Film Festival this year! Of course Katie will be in town to root on her man, so be sure to head up to the fest yourself this year to hang out with a Barbizon Alum and possibly hear more about her successes in the national market.