Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Graduates Promoting Popular Brand Products Throughout The Tri-State Area

Barbizon of Akron graduates that have listed with Pro-Model & Talent Management have been busy and there is a definite reason for that, in today’s economy companies have to advertise more to get the word out about their products. Companies, such as Dove, AXE, Pantene, Kashi, and many others have found that passing out samples, coupons, and information is a great way to get consumers interested in purchasing their products; therefore, companies hire Pro-Model & Talent for this, as they know they are going to get someone who is a professional, polished from head to toe, and one who has the confidence and personality to get people excited about trying their products.

Pro-Model & Talent promotional models are busier then ever, which is great!

We put a whole lot of teenagers, young adults, and even adults to work promoting great products at stores throughout the whole tri-state area!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Graduate Has A Busy Month Modeling In New York City!

Barbizon of Akron's very own International fashion model, Marissa Irwin, from N. Canton is a regular on our blog spot; The reason for that is this young lady continues to stay very busy in NEW YORK CITY!!

Marissa always keeps us updated with some of the fun and exciting assignments that she's booked for and this posting is going to have several of you wanting to walk in Marissa's shoes for a month!

Marissa shared with us that she did an assignment with John Varvatos, the very famous rock n’ roll designer, and had the opportunity to rub elbows with some great celebrities and sport figures including: ZZ Top, Adrian from the TV show “Entourage”, Iman, Tyson Beckford, Eric McCormack from “Will and Grace”, Chris Brown, Serena Williams, and Jimmy Kimmel, to name a few!

If that is not impressive enough, Marissa has also been working as a fit model for Ralph Lauren, as she is literally the "perfect size" for his clothes. When she’s not working for Ralph Lauren, Marissa is doing in-store presentations/informal runway shows for Bloomingdales at a number of their New York stores.

Last but not least, for those of you that watch “The View” back in October, Marissa appeared on their Halloween episode, where she dressed as the beautiful Madonna!

Pretty impressive for only 1 month!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Barbizon Of Akron alumni featured in advertisments for Euclid General Hospital

For all of you Clevelanders out there you will be seeing a whole new set of ads for Euclid General Hospital that feature Barbizon Of Akron graduates now listed with Pro-Model & Talent. You will see Johnny Melendez portraying a runner and Dr. Marisha Agana as a power walker in the new Hospital ads. Marisha did so well on set and WOWED the client with her vibrant personality the day of the shoot that the client wanted to use Marisha’s images on their movie theater/cinema ads that air prior to movies starting AND for television! Pro-Model & Talent gave the client the thumbs up and Marisha doubled her rate for the day!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Students & Graduates Now Listed With Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. Were Booked For A Large Hair Show In Columbus!

Every year Ohio hosts the Mid-American Beauty Show; this is one of the largest professional hair shows in this area, it draws in thousands of salons, stylists, and owners. Matrix plays a very large role in this show, as they are one of the largest manufacturers of professional beauty products. Many internationally known stylists come in from all over the world for this so that they can show the patrons the latest and greatest in cuts, colors, and styles.

Matrix hired 14 of Pro-Model & Talent’s models that are students and/or have graduated from Barbizon of Akron for the show this year. Not only did the models get paid extremely well, they all received new cuts and colors to boot!

The Barbizon students/graduates that were cast as “professional models” in the show were paid nearly $800.00 for 3 days of work, in addition to receiving wonderful products to keep their new cuts and colors styled like the pros. The models that were used as “technical models” received $100.00 a day, along with Matrix products for being a part of the training for the stylists!

The girls walked away with great new looks, products and
a great paycheck!
Not bad for a weekends work!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Instructor & Barbizon of Akron Graduate Appear In Simonton Window Adverstisments!

Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt has Barbizon of Akron graduates listed with them throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, so it’s never a surprise when they get a call from clients outside of the Ohio market looking for some great faces and talent to utilize for their advertising needs!

For those of you who are from West Virginia, you are probably familiar with the Simonton Window Company! Simonton Windows have been in West Virginia since 1946 and they are still going strong today thanks to their great products and WONDERFUL ADVERTISING!

Barbizon Instructor, Paul Mowery, and graduate, Claude Jordan, got to join in the fun recently at a local shoot for Simonton Windows. Paul and Claude did a very lucrative print ad that will be used for Simonton's in-store brochures.

It is always nice when the client is so pleased with the models/talents work, that they take the time to call the Agency to say “great job”. In fact, the client was so happy with Claude and Paul that they are looking for other projects in which to utilize these two very talented men. That is the highest compliment that a model/talent can receive: a client wanting to use them for another job based on their previous booking!

Job well done!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Barbizon Of Akron graduates Dan Lancy, Jodie Coffey and Janine Sarnowski featured in Wayside Furniture commercial

Locally owned Wayside Furniture utilized the very talented Dan Lancy, Jodie Coffey and Janine Sarnowski for some new Wayside Furniture TV commercials. You cannot miss Jodie as she opens the commercial by coming down a beautiful stairway dressed in an evening gown and pearls; she meets her husband at the bottom of the steps where he is dressed much more casually in Indians garb. This commercial is sure to grab everyone’s attention, while they will surely chuckle as they watch it. Then Janine who plays another customer has Dan, the Wayside delivery man, move her trash cans around before bringing her new furniture in her house. All in all, this talented trio had a great time filming these 2 commercials. Even better, Jodie was on set for a day and a half and made over $1,000.00 for dressing up and having fun. Dan and Janine were on set for much less time and still walked away with over $300.00!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Barbizon of Akron graduates now listed with Pro-Model & Talent appear in for Invacare's National Advertising

Invacare, well known as the world’s leading manufacturer of wheelchairs, bariatric equipment, motorized scooters, and a multitude of other homecare items is an Ohio based company that loves to use Pro-Model & Talent faces in their print advertisements.

This month Renae Stokes and Roseann Seryak shot a series of wheelchair pictures at the Morningside resort-at-home community in Lorain, Ohio. The shots are going to be used as web advertisements for the company along with brochures that will be seen throughout the U.S and internationally.

Following Renae and Roseann, Bill Walko did a shoot for bathroom safety equipment for Invacare. Bill has been modeling for Pro-Model & Talent for many years and is able to get the shots the client wants in a minimal amount of time, as a result Bill made close to $800.00 for 3½ hours of work...not bad!!!
Dan Turner and Lorinda Irby wrapped up the month shooting for a variety of homecare beds and air mattresses. Both Dan and Lorinda had an additional $500.00 added onto their check as the client was so happy with how the photos turned out, that they are going to utilize the shots worldwide!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Graduates, Listed With Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. "NAIL" This Assignment On The Head!

Med Central Hospital is a very large hospital facility located in Mansfield, Ohio who continues to utilize Barbizon of Akron graduates that have now listed with the Pro-Model & Talent Agency for many of their advertising needs.

The most recent was a comedic shoot that is sure to bring smiles to many faces in Southern Ohio. Barbizon of Akron grads: Dan Jambor, Haedin Delarec, Marlin Jones, and Jim Mizerock got to play construction workers that were dressed in hospital gowns and work boots… that’s right, hospital gowns and work boots!!! You will be able to see these 4 handsome guys in ads and invitations for a new maternity wing opening in the spring of 2011.

The guys reported that it was the most fun they had in a long time at a shoot, especially while making an easy $100.00 an hour!

This is yet another client that reported back to Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. that the guys did a stellar job and were super easy to work with. Barbizon of Akron and Pro-Model & Talent loves to hear positive feedback as that tells us they will keep calling us for future projects!

Great job guys, way to “nail” this assignment on the head!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barbizon of Akron graduates, Emily Hauser, Kristen Salem and Kaitlyn Shively teamed up to promote SHEETZ Rewards

Akron University and Sheetz have teamed up this year to promote the Sheetz customer loyalty program and have called upon some of Barbizon of Akron graduates that are now listed with ProModel & Talent to join their team this football season!
Our promotional models have been venturing out to the ZIPS home football games to promote the Sheetz customer loyalty card program. They are sharing with tailgaters where they can get their pre-game snacks at great savings by using their customer loyalty card…TOUCH DOWN!

You never know where our promo models will show up! We do promotions for many sports teams and we can now add the Akron University ZIPS to our repertoire!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Little One Wins Over Greeting Card Company With His Good Looks & Great Personality!

American Greetings, a Cleveland based greeting card company, has requested little Antonio Bonilla back for more!!

After making such a great impression on the Creative Department over at American Greetings the first time he worked with them they contacted Barbizon of Akron/Pro-Model and Talent Mgmt. and specifically requested little Antonio Bonilla back for yet another photoshoot. This shoot is for a new line of Fall themed cards.

You will be able to see Antonio in many Fall themed cards, including shots of him holding a basket full of apples and another of a giggly Antonio making “leaf angels”. This adorable 5 year old was paid a cool $100.00 an hour for his work, or what he thought was play, since he had so much fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Barbizon of Akron graduate, Andrea Debevc, now living and working in New York City!

Andrea Debevc, who is from the Far East side of Cleveland, is back in New York City! Andrea has the best of both worlds. Most of the year Andrea considers Ohio home, but flies all over the world doing modeling assignments. This month, Andrea called NYC home, as she was in such high demand in the City! Check out some of Andrea’s recent pictures at and also at!

Monday, November 15, 2010

From The ABC Network To NBC... Barbizon Of Akron Graduate, Shaila Vaidya Is Appearing On Hit Shows: "Desperate Housewives" & "Parenthood"!

Shaila Vaidya who is originally from Wooster, Ohio started her career many years ago here in Akron, Ohio with Barbizon of Akron and Pro-Model & Talent. Shaila currently considers the West Coast home and has been one super busy young lady out in Hollywood!

This past week Shaila wrapped up filming an episode of “Desperate Housewives”; you will be able to see her on the “Let Me Entertain You” episode! Here is what Shaila had to say about working on the famous show: “Working on the set of ‘Desperate Housewives’ was a really cool experience. It was so exciting to get on a show that’s pretty hard to get on and does not have a lot of smaller roles, and I loved working with all of the actors!” Shaila also loved the fact that she had her own trailer for the day! (Check out some of the candid shots from the set.)

Now if that is not exciting enough, Shaila has also shot a national commercial for McDonalds that is airing in different parts of the country.

Last but not least, Shaila booked an episode of the popular NBC show “Parenthood”, with Monica Potter, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, and Peter Krause. Shaila said the whole cast and crew were fantastic to work with.

While Shaila stays super busy with the acting she also manages to find time for charitable causes. This fall Shaila and her husband helped organize and participated in the event “Rock for Autism” in Idaho. They had a huge turn out for this very worthwhile cause.

It is always great to see Pro-Model & Talent people giving back to the community! For those of you that want to keep up with all the fun things Shaila is doing you can check out her official Facebook fan page!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Graduates/Pro-Model & Talent Promotional Girls Are Out In Force At Sam's Clubs All Over Ohio!

PERSONALITY! PERSONALITY! PERSONALITY! Ah! ‘Tis true my friends that our lovely Dove gals are out and at it again! They are spreading the word throughout the state about all the wonderful and moisture rich products that the great line of Dove has to offer. All of our ladies have been well-trained on the benefits of the wonderful products and want to introduce you to the best creams, serums, and soaps that will make your skin healthy and beautiful. We continue to do more work with Dove as they find our promotional models not only have great personalities but they are confident, pulled together and have a working knowledge of our industry! Who can give you the skinny on this fabulous line? Barbizon of Akron graduates, that are now listed with Pro-Model & Talent...Sharde, Nicole, Roseann, Celeste, Terri, Tymira, Megan and many, many more! So pull out your Sam’s Club memberships and go check out the great samples our girls have to share. They are all out in force at Sam’s Clubs all over Ohio.

Barbizon of Akron Helps Launch New Goddess Line Of Jewelry

For all of you women out there that love jewelry, the locally owned, Suarez Corporation, is working hand-in-hand with one of the largest direct-to-consumer jewelers in the world, Lindenwold Fine Jewelers, right out of Canton, Ohio! Together, they have reached out to Pro-Model & Talent looking for a young lady to model some pieces from their new line! Barbizon of Akron graduate, Kristen Cutter, was the beauty selected to feature the new “Goddess” line of jewelry, featuring pearls, and all kinds of unique beads, in various colors to die for! Kristen reports the jewelry is beautiful and that everyone was great to work with, and the same report came from the client about our own Kristen Cutter. The client stated that Kristen was professional and executed the job flawlessly!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barbizon Of Akron grad, Haley Bennett, to be featured in new drama on FX channel

Haley Bennett, who is originally from Stow, Ohio is making more waves out in the acting capital of the world…Hollywood! To date, Bennett has been cast in a whole slew of major motion pictures and has appeared in countless magazines world-wide and now we are proud to announce that she is about to make her debut on the small screen. For all of you that love to watch the FX channel keep an eye open for Miss Haley in a new drama pilot titled Outlaw Country where she along with Luke Grimes (Brother & Sisters) landed the younger lead roles joining previously cast Mary Steenburgen (Did You Hear About The Morgans). Additionally, well-known director Michael Dinner has come on board to direct this thriller/family drama that is set against the backdrop of southern organized crime and Nashville royalty. Haley plays twenty-something Annabell Lee, a gorgeous country singer who is living in the shadow of her over protective Mom. This is a fabulous opportunity for Haley to exercise her vocals again just as she did in the film “Music and Lyrics”. Watch your local listing and be sure to tune in!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock-Paper-Scissors...Barbizon of Akron/Pro-Model & Talent Alumnus Was The Loser Of The Game, But Scores Big With A National Commercial!

Brian Byrnes, originally from Strongsville, Ohio, now calls Los Angeles home. And Los Angeles is treating him well as he just added yet another national commercial to his already impressive list!

In addition to seeing Brian in commercials for Target, UPS, Ikea, Chevy, Hummer and other, you can now see him in the comical Cisco commercial playing "rock-paper-scissors" with a fellow employee prior to a business meeting. Brain is easy to spot in the commercial (shown below) as he was cast as the unfortunate loser of the game - the punishment... not to ruin it, but Brian ends up with a Mohawn at the end of the commercial! And yes, they did shave his head for the commercial!

Brian's personality really comes out in this commercial, and he is thrilled that the commercial is airing Nationwide for all of his friends and family to see.

Another great job and another national commercial to add to his already impressive roster.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Barbizon of Akron graduates Cameron Christian and Brenda Boyjian shooting for EdenPURE heating systems

You’ve probably seen or heard about the remarkable EdenPURE Heater, advertised across the nation and recommended by Bob Vila, Richard Karn and now… Pro-Model & Talent’s own, Cameron Christian and Brenda Boyjian! EdenPURE is getting the assistance of our trained talent to share, both in video and print, the great uses of EdenPURE’s heating systems. While Cameron is cuddling up at home with his “family” in some production shots for the company’s late night infomercials, Brenda is kicking off her shoes after a long day’s work in some business professional shots for EdenPURE’s print advertisements. From television to print Pro-Model & Talent’s Cameron and Brenda will be making it into your homes… keep an eye out for them when you see the EdenPURE commercials and brochures!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Barbizon Of Akron grad booking regularly as a fit model with Funky People

Funky People is a cool, hip clothing catalog and web-based retailer who specializes in retro clothing. Nadya Page is a favorite of this company as she is the “perfect fit” for their clothes. Nadya is ultra professional so this has turned into a great regular assignment for her; it definitely pays to do a great job the first time around! Fit models have the best job, they get paid to try on all of a company’s newest fashions before anyone else even see’s them, that way they can make sure the size is perfect! Check out the website at

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barizon Of Akron Alumni, Jordyn Litman featured in Improvements catalogue

Over the years many faces from Barbizon of Akron & Pro-Model & Talent have graced the cover and the pages of the popular Improvements catalogue, and we are proud to share that once again, many of our models will be featured throughout the catalogue for the Fall season! Jordyn Litman has now been added to the long list of models names that have appeared throughout the pages of Improvements. We are sure to see more of Jordyn, as this client is known for requesting models back on a regular basis! Being called back by a client for another job is one of the highest compliments a model/talent can receive. It definitely pays off to know what you are doing! Log onto to check out Jordyn and other graduates of Barbizon Of Akron that are now listed with Pro-Model & Talent!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Barbizon of Akron Alum Featured On The Cover Of Dick's Sporting Goods Fall Magalog!

Month after month Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to seek out Pro-Model & Talent for great faces and WONDERFUL personalities for their advertisements, and this month is no different!

Gracing the cover of Dick’s Sporting Goods Fall 2010 “Game Onmagalog is Barbizon of Akron alum, and Pro-Model & Talents very own Alexandra Ball! Alexandra is sure to grab everyone’s attention, with her serious competitive look and great looking style, sporting some stylish Nike gear that you too can get at your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store!

Don’t stop at the first page… flip on through the magalog to check out a handful of other Barbizon of Akron grads/Pro-Model & Talent faces including Briana Lehman, Andrea Debevc, and Taylor Banks!

Alexandra, Briana, Andrea, and Taylor are just a handful of Pro-Model & Talent Mgmt. faces that have appeared in the magalog this month alone. We will be sharing many more pictures with you in the near future as Stacey McClellen, was recently called upon to shoot some clothing from the popular Fila line AND we just got confirmation that Brenna Miller will be joining her, wearing some of Reebok’s compression wear!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Barbizon Of Akron alumni Daniel Lancy performing for The Youngstown Playhouse

Barbizon Of Akron alumni, Daniel Lancy, has had a pretty busy summer taking center stage in the popular musical "The Wedding Singer" at the Youngstown Playhouse, where he portrayed several characters including 80's rock Legend BILLY IDOL!! Daniel is now finishing up with his 2nd performance at the Playhouse, where he is portraying the character "Fred Casely" in the award winning play "CHICAGO". This was the first performance over several years for the Youngstown Playhouse that was SOLD OUT after only the first night of running.

Keep a look out for this up and coming actor.....we have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of this talented young man!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Young Barbizon of Akron Grad... Takes On Los Angeles!!

Barbizon of Akron graduate, Kayley Stallings from Hebron, Ohio, now calls Los Angeles home!

From national TV commercials, movies, and on stage musicals… Kayley is one very busy young lady!

In addition to taking on the role of Cindy Lou, on stage, in the popular Dr. Seuss’ “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, Kayley, jumped at the part of Kara Bannister in the ABC Family Movie “The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation” starring Dean Cain and the voice of Mario Lopez, scheduled to be released this December. Most recently, Kayley wrapped up filming yet another national
commercial – this time for Wal-Mart!

Watch your local listings for “The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation” and stay tuned during those commercial breaks to catch a glimse of our little Kayley Stallings for Wal-Mart nationwide!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Ops With Barbizon of Akron Graduates... SAY CHEESE!

Not that you would know by looking at them, but a number of Barbizon of Akron Graduates that are now listed with Pro-Model & Talent Management have been making character appearances in Southern Ohio!

To give you an example of what we mean by “character appearances”… Ashley was selected to dress up like Pablo from the popular cartoon airing on Nick Jr, the Backyardigans, while Tosha donned everyone’s favorite Serta Sleep Sheep!

In full costume Ashley made her appearance at the Riverbend Park in Findley, Ohio. Tosha made her way to a Sam’s Club in Cincinnati where they both interacted with kids and adults and jumped in for some memorable photo ops for shoppers to take home and share with family and friends…


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From Ohio to Hollywood! Barbizon of Akron Graduate Matt Coffey Stays Busy Out In Hollywood!

Barbizon of Akron graduate & listed with Pro-Model & Talent Management, Matt Coffey from Uniontown, Ohio is someone who truly has the best of both worlds! During the school year Matt resides in Ohio where he is in close contact with Pro-Model & Talent Management for local assignments, then once summer hits, Matt and his mom, Jodie Coffey, are off to Los Angeles! For 3 months during the summer Matt packs his bags and jets off to Los Angeles with his mom where his management team, Rising Talent, and Agent, HRI are hard at work getting Matt out for auditions and assignments.

This last trip to LA, Matt shot a commercial for Disney XD that can be seen on YouTube and on the Disney XD channel. Then he was off to the fabulous beaches of California to shoot some hoops for a WSS Shoe Warehouse commercial that you can see by logging onto and clicking the YouTube link.

While Matt tends to stay very busy while in LA, he still finds time to play between projects. Before heading back to Ohio, Matt was able to squeeze in some surfing lessons! This definitely was not a trip of all work and no play, but he sure did stay busy!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

America's Next Top Model is casting for Cycle 16 and they are looking for YOU!!

Barbizon students and graduates have always caught the eye of America's Next Top Model casting team and we are sure they will again this cycle!
The familiar faces and names of Madeline, Lluvy, Kahlen, Nik, and Sheena are only a few of the Barbizon graduates that have made their way onto previous cycles and into your homes each week in some of our favorite episodes... and now is your chance!
Barbizon graduates, if you feel you have what it takes to be the next "Top Model" then log onto for additional information, requirements, and the official audition application; and if this is something new for you, contact your local Barbizon for additional information on how you can jump start your career!

Do you have what it takes... Check it out!