Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Julia Wright on TV for FATHEADS!

Isn't it cool to say that you know somebody on TV?! Well, now's your chance to brag to all your friends that a fellow Barbizon of Akron Grad Julia Wright is showing off her talent in a Fatheads spot that is airing locally RIGHT NOW! Just to make sure that you don't miss a lick of this super cutie the following are some times to tune into the Cartoon Network to see her in action.

12/16 - 11:09a, 3:56p, 4:13p, and 5:44p
12/18 - 4:16p
12/19 - 3:17p and 6:25p
12/20 - 2:12p

Mark your calendar people and set your alarm - you won't want to miss seeing Julia on-air!