Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Toddlers Stay Busy with Little Tikes

Our toddlers are literally crawling at the chance to star on some fun-spirited Little Tikes packaging!
A handful of toddlers are in the process of getting booked for a number of various print assignments including: the LT Rescue Fire Truck and making, of all things: mud pies! You can see: Erin Tackett, Arielle Dull, Will Linson, Marlin Livingston, Jenna Green, Gunnar Bell, Robert Boone, Sara Street, Sami Hyde, John Jones, Carter Kendall-Luce, Abigail Hawkins, Alexis Brown, and Sebastian, looking like mini professionals and pseudo “bakers” and just having fun, while little ones like Donald Nolan, Tyson Chambers, Noah Chambers, Izzy Pucella, Carlee Garrett, Caitlin Cower take over the packaging of other various Little Tikes toys.
Our kids are in such demand that we're always looking for more!