Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Talent Meet NICK CANNON at LeBron's Bike-A-Thon

We bet that most of you, would simply flip over the idea of a meet-and-greet with Nick Cannon... Well, how about meeting this superstars and getting paid while you're at it?! Our talent were at LeBron’s “King for Kids” Bike-A-Thon in Akron, but, you may not recognize them since they were dressed as Nickelodeon characters having lots of fun interacting with the kids! You can bet the likeable personalities of Amber Lee, Ashlie Kell, Megan Varga, Rys Weaver, Shimena Jasinto, and Chelsea Perkins made Brobee, Spongebob, and Dora the hits of the event and you can bet that our models also had a blast at the event since they were able to do a meet Nick Cannon! What a sweet event and a cool memory!