Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Matt Coffey stars in XD national commercial!

Think our Talent just work in OHIO alone?! Think again! A huge number of our Pro-Model and Talent Alums who got their start right here at our Agency can also boast spots in major feature films, national commericals, and independant films alike. Take Matt Coffey for instance, originally from Uniontown, OH. who is not only soaking up the sun in pretty Los Angeles but also working and auditioning a-plenty! Matt’s great image and larger-than-life personality is what wins casting directors over time after time and in this instance it happened to be for the folks at Disney! So, sound the trumpets, because Matt is proudly shouting from the rooftops that he will be starring in a Disney XD NATIONAL commercial – and while Matt is stoked to just be in the commercial – he’s even more proud of this accomplishment since he was up against HUNDREDS of other guys for the role!