Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gary Pezzuolo Tells all about how he got started in the BIZ!

Our talent love working in the local commercial market and enjoy all the cool gigs they get to do as a result of all the training they recieved at Barbizon of Akron! Of course, you dear readers, are always interested in learning about the fun projects that our talent get booked for month by month, but we'd also guess that you're all a tab bit curious about how our fabulous guys and gals got into this business to begin with... and perhaps, you are also interested in stealing one of their secrets of success too!
Take Gary Pezzuolo for instance, who is originally from Pennsylvania and who incidentally is a Dick's Sporting Goods favorite and has graced the runway of many bridal shows throughout the tri-state area!
Make sure to check out Gary's interview to get the "Straight Talk" directly from Gary's lips to our website! ENJOY!