Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mike Lupton in Nike National Commercial

Let's hear it for Mike Lupton, a Pro-Model and Talent alum has truly found his niche in Hollywood and has been super busy in 2009.

We are amazed that this cuties success and just love to brag about his roles on: MTV’s 13 Hearts and Parental Controls, an independent film called “Getting That Girl”, AND a brand spankin’ new Nike national commercial.

While all of Mike’s accomplishments are truly mind-blowing we do have to mention, that for Nike commercials there are thousands of actors competing for one role – so needless to say, it’s pretty stinkin’ cool Mike landed it! Swish!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hemphill and Moore in Print for DOTS!

Woo wee! It’s awesome to report that Kayla Moore and Samantha Hemphill were booked for a photoshoot with DOTS, the Cleveland-based clothing company! The girls shot at headquarters for a FULL day’s work modeling the latest fashions and having lots of fun to boot! The really neat part though is that the shoot went so incredibly well that DURING the whole thing, the client asked the girls back again for the following week – doubling your paycheck sure isn’t something to scoff at, that’s for sure! You can bet, that the informative training the girls have behind them and the positive attitude they displayed paid off – LITERALLY!!!SWEET!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mini Barbizoners in Print for Joann Fabrics

Who doesn’t like to go “behind the scenes” and check out all the prep and pomp involved in putting together a photoshoot… Since we like to be nosy we thought you too might be interested in checking out these candid shots of a mini Snow White, Ava Charriere who dressed up just right for her shoot with Hudson-based Joann Fabrics. Other talent that participated in the shoot also donned darling get-ups like Isabella Maglis who roared on set as a little Cheetah. Our little ones always do such a terrific job on set! We can't wait to hit up a Joann's store in the fall and see these cuties looking Halloween FESTIVE!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Matt Coffey stars in XD national commercial!

Think our Talent just work in OHIO alone?! Think again! A huge number of our Pro-Model and Talent Alums who got their start right here at our Agency can also boast spots in major feature films, national commericals, and independant films alike. Take Matt Coffey for instance, originally from Uniontown, OH. who is not only soaking up the sun in pretty Los Angeles but also working and auditioning a-plenty! Matt’s great image and larger-than-life personality is what wins casting directors over time after time and in this instance it happened to be for the folks at Disney! So, sound the trumpets, because Matt is proudly shouting from the rooftops that he will be starring in a Disney XD NATIONAL commercial – and while Matt is stoked to just be in the commercial – he’s even more proud of this accomplishment since he was up against HUNDREDS of other guys for the role!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiri Stevens Stars on USA Network Series

We just LOVE it when our local talent make it BIG in the national market! And of course we also enjoy spreading the word too...

Take Kiri Stevens for instance who is originally from Cincinnati Ohio and competed in the IMTA Convention being represented by Pro Model and Talent - this super talented and DRIVEN dude, made the move out to LA a couple of years ago and has been steadily auditioning and working ever since. In the past year alone Kiri appears on the USA network in a series titled: "The Edge Chronicles" where he plays "Jerry". He's also just wrapped the filming of two independant films as well titled: "Writers Block" and "Waltz of the Doldrums". Inbetween working Kiri auditions too... Most recently for roles on shows such as: "Law and Order", "Cold Case", and "I Carly".

Amazed by Kiri's success thus far then click here for a more detailed look at what this Pro Model and Talent and Barbizon of Akron alum has been up to in LA!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Barbizon of Akron August News!!!

It's not uncommon for folks to be eager to don some pretty clothes, have someone profession touch up your hair and make-up and feel like a star for at least a few hours... That's exactly what our models and talent experience on a monthly basis when they get booked for fabulous print and production work with the major companies that surround our Tri-State area. Our models and talent work with the likes of Little Tikes, Dicks Sporting Goods, DOTS, Hoover, The Ohio Bureau of Travel and Tourism, countless retailers, and many, many more. If you want to read all about the AWESOME SUFF our guys, gals, and little ones are up to then check out for the FULL scoop!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gary Pezzuolo Tells all about how he got started in the BIZ!

Our talent love working in the local commercial market and enjoy all the cool gigs they get to do as a result of all the training they recieved at Barbizon of Akron! Of course, you dear readers, are always interested in learning about the fun projects that our talent get booked for month by month, but we'd also guess that you're all a tab bit curious about how our fabulous guys and gals got into this business to begin with... and perhaps, you are also interested in stealing one of their secrets of success too!
Take Gary Pezzuolo for instance, who is originally from Pennsylvania and who incidentally is a Dick's Sporting Goods favorite and has graced the runway of many bridal shows throughout the tri-state area!
Make sure to check out Gary's interview to get the "Straight Talk" directly from Gary's lips to our website! ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barbizon Offers fabulous styling tips!

Want to find out what the latest fashions are, and where to shop for some really awesome new digs?! Then check us out on the web where Barbizon of Akron constantly features fabulous styling tips on the Hot Tips page. Following the proceeding link to find out about all the hype! We guarantee you'll be a fan and will come back for more!

This month we are featuring great ideas on what to wear to that fabulous summer picnic you have scheduled. Don't wait... Log on now!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Barbizon Grad Russo, Talks about her Success in LA

It's always cool to find out what our talent are up to month by month and day by day, but have you ever wondered how our fabulous people got their start in modeling and acting!? We're sure that your slightly curious as to when our guys and gals were bitten by the "Acting/Modeling bug" so to speak and where they are originally from... You may also be eager to hear their tips and advice on gaining success within the industry too...

If we've wet your appetite at all be sure to check out this month's featured fabulosity: Alex Russo, who has a lot to say about life and her love of acting!

Don't miss out CLICK HERE!